What is Your Personal Brand?

Large companies put effort into keeping their names synonymous with something good: high quality, low price, durable, elegant, tasteful, trendy, cool, reliable, fun, one-of-a-kind, useful, loaded with extras, speed, reliability, rare, bestselling, most popular, easy to use, sexy, trendy, and so on. When people hear your name, what do they think of?  The first word Continue Reading

Where NOT to Trim Expenses in a Recession

There are cuts we can afford to make, and cuts we cannot. Do you know where that line is in your business? Here is an example… What does a restaurant have to offer? Good food and good ambiance (I count service in this). Any cuts in these areas are made at their peril. A restaurant Continue Reading

Intro to Kindle Formatting for Non-Technical Publishing Staff

Intro to Kindle Formatting for Non-Technical Publishing Staff: 10 Things that Surprised Us For non-technical staff in editorial and marketing departments, here are some basics you should know. If you are an experienced Kindle user or formatter, skip this blog post. Rose Publishing is not affiliated with Kindle. Kindle is one of many ebook readers Continue Reading

Christianity, Cults & Religions Comparison Charts

Rose Publishing produces nearly 40 charts comparing the beliefs of Christianity with those of various religions and cults. Here are some frequently asked questions. At the bottom is a free sample comparison chart to download. Are our facts accurate? Yes, they are to the best of our general editor’s knowledge. Paul Carden has been a Continue Reading

What Drives Online Sales?

Rose Publishing saw a major increase in its online business in the first half of 2009. What fueled these online sales and how do we know? We track every online sale we receive. Without giving away any details, these are the top four sources for online sales ranked in order of effectiveness based on our Continue Reading

Advertising During a Recession

Don’t skimp on advertising during recessions. Even your competitor’s advertising keeps your product type a priority in the customer’s mind. Two recent examples — A president of a large company was recently complaining about his competitor. It was not what you might have expected. He was complaining that the other company was NOT spending money Continue Reading

What Employees Really Want (Part 1): Good Coworkers

I’ve found that companies can spend a lot of money on benefits, prizes, awards, fancy coffee, and sport tickets, but one of the things we all want is good coworkers. There is nothing like having fellow employees who have— Skills – Ability to do the job well, reliably, and consistently. Brains – Ability to understand Continue Reading

Good Cover Letters are a Must

When applying for a job, your cover letter is the hidden key to getting someone to notice you. For the first few moments, it is more important than your resume. Why do I say that? Companies get hundreds of job applications. They are busy and in a hurry to interview only a few top candidates. Continue Reading

Retailers Choice Awards

The Retailers Choice Awards honor the top Christian product picks of Christian retailers, as compiled by Christian Retailing magazine. Voting by Christian retailers in the 2009 Retailers Choice Awards closed May 29. Winners were announced Monday, July 13, during the International Christian Retail Show in Denver. Here is the link to the official site: Retailers Continue Reading

How to Stay Alive in the Advertising Business

The best kind of advertising is the kind that sells a great product and pays for itself (and then some). Let’s look at the second part: The ads need to cover their cost. If you are selling advertising in the Internet age, you need to prove in dollars and cents that it is actually worthwhile. Continue Reading