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The Bible and the first Olympic games in Greece

We often imagine that the world of the Bible was remote and isolated. Rarely do we compare the history we learned in school with the biblical stories we learned in Sunday school. But when you line up the events, there are some fascinating discoveries. For example: The ancient Olympic games in Greece (776 BC) were Continue Reading

Free Time Line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Did you know that the pyramids in Egypt were built before Abraham lived? Or that indoor bathroom plumbing was invented about the time of Jacob? Did you know King David was ruling Israel when the Mayans dominated Central America? Or that Buddha and Confucius lived at the same as the biblical prophet Daniel? Click here Continue Reading

Free Time Line of the Life of Paul – Download

Free download for a limited time! Time Line of the Life of the Apostle Paul This Life of the Apostle Paul Timeline e-chart spans the story of the Apostle Paul from his birth in Tarsus and his conversion on the road to Damascus — to his missionary journeys and imprisonment in Rome. This full-color one-page Continue Reading