Meet Our New Author Kenza Haddock–Author of the Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity

We’ve got someone REALLY special to introduce you to…

Her name is Kenza Haddock, and she’s an ex-Muslim believer who found Jesus in the midst of a life-changing encounter. The Lord inspired her to write a book The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity (coming April 2024!) Not only does it include her incredible story, but it is also a practical guide for those that are walking a similar path. (Perhaps you know someone that could use some guidance in this very specific journey from Islam to Christianity!)

We think you’ll really like her and her unforgettable testimony! Why don’t you see for yourself!

Do you know someone who made the difficult, but crucial decision to leave their old faith to follow Jesus? You’ve heard how dangerous, how isolating, and how emotionally challenging it can be to leave a rigid, all-encompassing religion for Christianity. Your community shuns you. Your family cuts you off, relationally, and perhaps financially. Maybe you’re left with no resources, no home, and nowhere to turn. You’re starting from scratch, with only Jesus to look to.

How can you help a friend, new member to the congregation, or neighbor navigate the new waters of Christianity? How can you help them shift to a completely new lens of understanding that looks at life through grace, forgiveness, and compassion? Kenza Haddock’s new book is here to help with practical action steps, easy-to-understand explanations, and compassionate wisdom.

It’s a resource that every Bible study leader, every church, every pastor should keep handy. You never know when a new friend will walk into your life with questions that you can’t exactly answer if you’ve never walked in their shoes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Kenza as much as we have! Stay tuned and pre-order her upcoming book here!

The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity

by Kenza Haddock

A Rose Publishing Title

A Rose Publishing Title

Packed with compassionate wisdom, practical action steps, and easy-to-understand explanations, this guide for ex-Muslims following Jesus and Christianity is a life-changing tool. If you’ve left Islam for a new life in Christ, this guide will help you thrive amidst challenges, avoid common pitfalls, learn how to respond to family, and so much more. Learn to:

  • Distinguish between God’s voice and Allah’s voice (and how to follow the Holy Spirit)
  • Switch from a works-based lifestyle to joyful salvation and freedom
  • Reap amazing benefits from Christian disciplines (prayer, worship, charity, etc.)
  • Refresh & nourish yourself using Christian disciplines (prayer, worship, charity, etc.)
  • And more!

Who is The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity for?

Ostracized. Alone. Disoriented. You’ve left your family, community, and everything you’ve known behind. You may have found a loving church community, but no one really understands what it’s been like. It feels like there are disconnects between what you know about faith and how your fellow Christians seem to understand God. Perhaps other churchgoers speak of a closeness with the Holy Spirit that you can’t seem to connect with. You’re not alone… and the blocks between your Muslim-based thought patterns and Christian theology are very real.

The goal of this book is to help ex-Muslim Christians navigate their faith by recognizing and correcting common misunderstandings imported from an Islamic worldview. Kenza Haddock knows the unique challenges faced by ex-Muslims and emphasizes that relating to God as our Heavenly Father is key to understanding:

  • God’s voice vs. “Allah’s voice”
  • Prayer vs. ritual
  • Our identity in Christ
  • How to stand firm in the face of persecution
  • What the afterlife looks like for a Christian

The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity Answers Common Questions

The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity addresses the most common questions ex-Muslims wrestle with (and may be afraid to ask) as they begin to follow Christ:

  • How is Jesus different from Mohammed?
  • How is God’s character different from Allah’s?
  • How do I walk in step with the Holy Spirit?
  • How do I deal with relatives who constantly persecute me for my Christian faith?

There are dozens of books for evangelism and missionary work, but The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity speaks straight to ex-Muslims with experienced understanding, deep compassion, and life-saving truths.

Practical Resources for Ex-Muslims Following Christ

Author and ex-Muslim Kenza Haddock was a devout follower of Islam before a miraculous experience with Jesus saved her from taking her own life. But when she left Islam, her family, and the Muslim community behind in search of Christ, she found that there were no resources to help her bridge the gap between her old ways of thinking and a new life in Christ. Years later, as a seasoned Christian, Kenza has written the resource she desperately searched for as a new believer. This guide is full of practical resources such as:

This book is perfect for:

  • New and seasoned believers with a background in Islam
  • Resource material for pastors and church leaders
  • Church libraries
  • Church counselors
  • Missionaries
  • And more



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