How Jesus Saved Her from Islam: Interview with Author and Counselor Kenza Haddock

Q&A with Kenza Haddock

We sat down with our author of the upcoming book The Ex-Muslim’s Guide To Christianity to get to know her and her calling a bit better. She has a fascinating journey and story. Let’s dive right in!

Kenza Haddock

1. What inspired you to write “The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity“?

“Many news reports share stories of Jesus appearing to Muslims in dreams, echoing my own encounter. Having experienced the struggles of transitioning from Islam to Christianity, I felt compelled to craft a guide for ex-Muslim Christians. This resource tackles challenging questions about the differences between Islam and Christianity that Ex-Muslims encounter during and after their conversion journey. The topics also cater to pastors and believers seeking insight into this conversion process, to support and foster the growth of Ex-Muslims in their faith journey with Christ.”

2. How does your personal journey from Islam to Christianity influence the perspective of the book?

“In my book, I share my journey of renouncing Islam and embracing Jesus. I cover the challenges of rebuilding my identity from scratch while dealing with persecution from my Muslim family, all while trying to unlearn my misconceptions about God in order to cultivate a trusting bond with Him as my Heavenly Father. This piece is so important, because our confidence in God‘s faithfulness is what anchors us in the midst of persecution.”

3. What unique insights or experiences do you bring to the discussion of Christianity as a former Muslim?

“In my experience, many Christians overlook the fact that people around them, whether at work, school, or in their neighborhood, may have questions about Jesus but hesitate to ask. In my book, I shed light on this reality and stress that there are individuals much like myself at one point, who do not know how to find salvation. Just as Paul teaches us to always be prepared to share our hope (See 1 Peter 3:15), it’s crucial that we maintain our enthusiasm for spreading the message of Christ to others.”

4. Can you share some key differences you’ve observed between Islam and Christianity that you explore in your book?

“I discuss many in the book. One that comes to mind relates to how distorted God’s character is in Islam. The Qur’an rejects the fact that Jesus is God. It also repudiates the death and resurrection of Jesus. As a result, Muslims remain bound to a cycle of religious duties in pursuit of salvation.”

5. What challenges did you encounter while writing a book that discusses sensitive topics like religion and conversion?

“Because loyalty to one’s family of origin plays a significant role in maintaining salvation in Islam, although I had unlearned this erroneous beliefs. While writing this book, I still grappled with the fear that revealing the truth might cast a negative light on my Muslim family or the Muslim community. In the midst of my concerns, however, I reminded myself that my allegiance is to Christ, and shedding truth on this topic is what He called me to do, so I’m doing it.”

6. How do you hope your book will impact readers who are navigating similar journeys of faith exploration or transition?

“My hope and prayer are that ex-Muslim Christians will realize they’re not alone in this journey. That others have walked a similar path and faced trials. There’s a profound comfort in recognizing that ‘the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings’ (1 Peter 5:9).”

7. Are there specific misconceptions about Islam that Christians may have that you aim to address or correct through your book?

“I provide quite a few in the book. One that comes to mind right now deals with the theological background and explanation for why an Ex-Muslim might encounter persecution for leaving Islam. I strongly believe that arming our Christian community with this understanding better prepares them to support new Ex-Muslim believers. You wouldn’t believe how many  well-meaning individuals responded to the persecution I encountered with, “I don’t understand why your family would want to hurt you. What’s the big deal?!” This only deepened my sense of isolation. Meanwhile, fellow believers who were acquainted with this issue were like a breath of fresh air. They spoke faith into my life and stood by me in times of distress. Shedding light on the complexities behind such persecution is essential for the Christian community to offer meaningful support.”

8. Aren’t you afraid of the repercussions you may encounter from writing this book?

“I may have been afraid a couple of years into my walk with Jesus. But through my journey with my Heavenly Father, I have learned one thing for sure: Nothing can ever happen to me outside of His sovereign will. I know that my Father is good, and I also know He is sovereign. At the end of the day, God didn’t save me so I can remain silent and cave in fear. He saved me and put a mission in my heart to tell of His goodness and His faithfulness, and I will continue to do so until He calls me home with Him, in eternity.”

If you enjoyed this interview, consider pre-ordering your copy of The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity by Kenza Haddock here!

The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity

Packed with compassionate wisdom, practical action steps, and easy-to-understand explanations, this guide for ex-Muslims following Jesus and Christianity is a life-changing tool. If you’ve left Islam for a new life in Christ, this guide will help you thrive amidst challenges, avoid common pitfalls, learn how to respond to family, and so much more. Learn to:

Who is The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity for?

Ostracized. Alone. Disoriented. You’ve left your family, community, and everything you’ve known behind. You may have found a loving church community, but no one really understands what it’s been like. It feels like there are disconnects between what you know about faith and how your fellow Christians seem to understand God. Perhaps other churchgoers speak of a closeness with the Holy Spirit that you can’t seem to connect with. You’re not alone… and the blocks between your Muslim-based thought patterns and Christian theology are very real.

The goal of this book is to help ex-Muslim Christians navigate their faith by recognizing and correcting common misunderstandings imported from an Islamic worldview. Kenza Haddock knows the unique challenges faced by ex-Muslims and emphasizes that relating to God as our Heavenly Father is key to understanding:

  • God’s voice vs. “Allah’s voice”
  • Prayer vs. ritual
  • Our identity in Christ
  • How to stand firm in the face of persecution
  • What the afterlife looks like for a Christian

The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity Answers Common Questions

The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity addresses the most common questions ex-Muslims wrestle with (and may be afraid to ask) as they begin to follow Christ:

  • How is Jesus different from Mohammed?
  • How is God’s character different from Allah’s?
  • How do I walk in step with the Holy Spirit?
  • How do I deal with relatives who constantly persecute me for my Christian faith?

There are dozens of books for evangelism and missionary work, but The Ex-Muslim’s Guide to Christianity speaks straight to ex-Muslims with experienced understanding, deep compassion, and life-saving truths.

Practical Resources for Ex-Muslims Following Christ

Author and ex-Muslim Kenza Haddock was a devout follower of Islam before a miraculous experience with Jesus saved her from taking her own life. But when she left Islam, her family, and the Muslim community behind in search of Christ, she found that there were no resources to help her bridge the gap between her old ways of thinking and a new life in Christ. Years later, as a seasoned Christian, Kenza has written the resource she desperately searched for as a new believer. This guide is full of practical resources such as:

This book is perfect for:

  • New and seasoned believers with a background in Islam
  • Resource material for pastors and church leaders
  • Church libraries
  • Church counselors
  • Missionaries
  • And more



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