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10 Bible & Religion Facts You Might Not Know!

We know how much you guys like trivia! Take a break from shopping and eating leftover turkey sandwiches and dig into these fun facts! (It’s best to brush up now–there are rumors of an upcoming trivia contest with a great giveaway!) 10 Bible & Religion Facts You Might Not Know! 1. The Bible went through Continue Reading

10 Tips for Christians Responding to Muslims + Free eChart!

With the chaos raging in the Middle East, much of it due to terrorist groups who call themselves “Islamic radicals” or “Islamic extremists,” how should followers of Jesus respond? Do we know how to interact with our Muslim friends and neighbors with newspapers and televisions blaring about “jihad” and the slaughter of innocent people? (Statistics Continue Reading

Christianity + Islam = Chrislam?

Let’s get things straight… Islam and Christianity are VERY different and the Lord makes it CLEAR in the Bible that Jesus is the only way to salvation. Now that that’s out in the air, let’s talk about what happens when people blur those lines… The World Watch List has a list of the top 50 Continue Reading

FREE “3 Views of the Rapture” eChart and Save Up to 75%! Get Your 99¢ Pamphlets Today!

    When is Jesus coming back? And when is the Rapture? Find out the main views and answers to these important end-times questions and many more in this week’s featured products! FOR THIS WEEK ONLY, enjoy bible-based end-times prophecy products and other bestsellers at up to 75% off!   Don’t wait! Confidently look at Continue Reading

Muslims are Misunderstanding Christianity!

While Christians might not understand the meaning of words like Allah, Mecca, and Janna, Muslims don’t always understand words like Trinity, redemption, and salvation! Do you interact with Muslims on your street or in your workplace? Have you ever tried to talk to them about your faith in Jesus? The response was most likely positive Continue Reading

Free Islam and Christianity Comparison Chart – Download

Free Islam and Christianity Comparison chart. This simple chart shows how Muslims and Christians view God and the Prophets. Helpful for understanding co-workers, neighbors, and friends’ beliefs. Free. This is a free page from a longer comparison chart called “Islam & Christianity” for $3.99. This chart has an interesting history. Rose Publishing intended to create Continue Reading

Islam & Christianity Free Comparison – Download

Here is a free full-color e-Chart to download that compares the Muslim and Christian view of God and the prophets. http://tr.im/nxKs This is just a small portion of a larger chart that compares other topics such as: Views of Jesus, roles of women, Holy Scripture, salvation and paradise, practices and rituals, religion and culture, and Continue Reading