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Why Rosh HaShanah Matters to Christians (FREE Video Bible Study)

When you think of Jewish festivals, what comes to mind? Do you think of ancient celebrations in a faraway place and time? Do you think of joy and celebration or new life? Or do you think of how Jesus and salvation comes into your day-to-day? There are no wrong answers to those questions! But with Continue Reading

FLASH SALE! New Rose Guide to Genesis! + FREE eChart!

Get the Brand New Rose Guide to Genesis for Just $12.79! Genesis spans fifty chapters and features hundreds of key events and people, making it difficult to keep it all straight. With this Brand New Rose Guide, enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview covering the most important people, places, & stories in the first book of Continue Reading

For This Week Only Get the Expanded Edition of Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps for Just $20.99!

This expanded edition of Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps has updated modern geography and a fresh new look to all of the Bible maps. With clear plastic overlays, see modern cities on top of Bible maps! Want to compare Bible locations to modern-day maps? The expanded edition of the bestselling Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps book brings new relevance Continue Reading

How to Spot 5 Signs of a Toxic Person

By Gregory Jantz Toxic People. This could be the title of a bad science fiction movie—a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong, or a planet-wide radiation leak from an orbiting government satellite turning millions of unsuspecting citizens into havoc-wreaking zombies. If only it were that simple! Compared to the real story—the one that lots of people Continue Reading

Free “Books of Acts Time Line” eChart

The Book of Acts was filled with many important events. How can you keep track of them all? With this week’s free eChart, see 26 key events from the Book of Acts and the Early Church on one easy-to-read time line! Covering Stephen’s martyrdom, Paul’s missionary journeys, the destruction of the Temple, and more, enjoy Continue Reading

Free “New Testament Time Line” eChart

It’s one thing to teach kids about key New Testament events like Jesus’ birth and Paul’s missionary journeys—it’s another to be able to see them clearly on a time line! From the birth of John the Baptist to the Apostle John’s exile, see key events from the New Testament at a glance! Gain a clearer Continue Reading

Free “Ancient Israel Geography” eChart

How did the climate and land of ancient Israel affect the food that grew there? And what kinds of meals did the Israelites eat in Bible times? With this week’s free eChart, enjoy having key background information on the feasts of the Bible! Learn contextual information about the climate and land of ancient Israel, and Continue Reading

Free “Feasts of the Bible” eChart

You may know about the more well-known feasts of the Bible, such as Passover, Weeks, and Booths. But what about the more everyday, commonplace feasts and banquets that the Israelites celebrated? This week’s free eChart explores some of the lesser-known feasts and banquets of the Old Testament, called mishteh. With this week’s free download, enjoy Continue Reading

Ezekiel’s Temple – Free eChart

In the book of Ezekiel, the prophet Ezekiel described a new, future temple. But what kind of temple was he describing? A physical temple that would be built before the end of time? A spiritual temple? Or something else? Download this week’s free eChart and learn more about Ezekiel’s temple. In this week’s free eChart, Continue Reading

Free “Finding God’s Hope through Prayer” eChart

When we’re faced with a challenge and we feel overwhelmed, we might feel angry or like we’re alone in our struggle. But as Christians, we know that we can rely on God when we are struggling. This week’s free eChart features two devotions to remind you of the ways that God is there for us Continue Reading