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Twitter as a Company Sales Strategy – Worth It?

Reality check: 60% of Twitter users quit within 30 days. A executive who runs a Top 1% Website says she get the same percentage of revenue that Dell Computers gets from Twitter, and reveals ten reasons Twitter is not an effective sales tool compared to other methods. Continue Reading

Reality Check: O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing

Disclaimer: I know O’Reilly Tools of Change is a seminar about the future. I really enjoyed it and gained many new ideas. Please take my critique in the right spirit. O’Reilly and the publishing industry need to get real about what works and what doesn’t. There were a dozen seminars focused on social media, especially Continue Reading

Social Media – Why do it?

Why should anyone spend their time on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or Twitter? Should company presidents and other leaders Tweet? Yes, here are six reasons. Google search ranking —  Social media blogs, tweets, and comments that include a link to your website increase your “link authority,” which makes it more likely to place higher on search Continue Reading