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Traditional Bookstores and the E-Book Revolution

Bookstores have feared that e-books would decimate them, but it hasn’t happened. Why? E-books made up just about 1.5% of the overall book market according to the Oct 09 YTD Association of American Publishers stats. Unlike music, where audiophiles have historically gravitated to smaller, more portable devices, the average book lover is not constantly on Continue Reading

Tale of Two Authors, or “Why Attitude Matters”

Author #1 first contacted me when he saw a product we had published. He didn’t feel that it was as good as it could be. He called me and asked me about what had motivated us to publish the product, and whether we would be open to suggestions or improvements. Today, he is one of Continue Reading

Intro to Kindle Formatting for Non-Technical Publishing Staff

Intro to Kindle Formatting for Non-Technical Publishing Staff: 10 Things that Surprised Us For non-technical staff in editorial and marketing departments, here are some basics you should know. If you are an experienced Kindle user or formatter, skip this blog post. Rose Publishing is not affiliated with Kindle. Kindle is one of many ebook readers Continue Reading