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What “Ghosting” Is and Why It Matters

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term ghosting, it’s likely you have also been a victim of ghosting at some point in your life, raising many questions and stirring strong feelings within you. It’s not fair that you’re silently left to pick up the pieces, wondering what happened and why. Ghosting hurts, and it casts Continue Reading

Where Does the Word “Hallelujah” Really Come From?

Hallelujah! This single word is formed by combining two Hebrew words: hallel and Yahweh. Some English Bible translations keep the word as hallelujah, while many others translate its meaning: “Praise the Lord.” Hallelujah did not appear to be used until around 600 BC during the time that Israel experienced defeat from foreign enemies and exile Continue Reading

FLASH SALE! New Rose Guide to Genesis! + FREE eChart!

Get the Brand New Rose Guide to Genesis for Just $12.79! Genesis spans fifty chapters and features hundreds of key events and people, making it difficult to keep it all straight. With this Brand New Rose Guide, enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview covering the most important people, places, & stories in the first book of Continue Reading

Get the Brand New 100 Days to Freedom from Overeating Devotional for Just $13.59

Even as Christians, we might struggle with controlling our eating habits during stressful times. How can we use the Bible to help us when we feel burdened by overeating? Find freedom from overeating with this brand new devotional filled with over 770 uplifting Bible verses, daily prayers, and quotes. You know that it’s important to Continue Reading

NEW! 50 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know Pamphlet

You know how amazing it would feel to understand even just a bit of biblical Hebrew–to be able to parse some of the original language, meanings, and historical contexts. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn biblical Hebrew, but haven’t had the time? Have you felt it’s too late? Or perhaps you didn’t know where to Continue Reading

For This Week Only: Get Bible-Smart: Matthew for Just $15.99!

Why does Jesus call himself the ‘Son of Man’? Why does the book of Matthew start with a genealogy? Do we know where Jesus was buried? With Bible-Smart: Matthew, find answers to these questions and more! The book of Matthew provides an account of Jesus’ birth, life, ministry, and resurrection. Without fully understanding this important Continue Reading

How to Spot 5 Signs of a Toxic Person

By Gregory Jantz Toxic People. This could be the title of a bad science fiction movie—a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong, or a planet-wide radiation leak from an orbiting government satellite turning millions of unsuspecting citizens into havoc-wreaking zombies. If only it were that simple! Compared to the real story—the one that lots of people Continue Reading

What Does the Bible Say About Guardian Angels?

Whether you think of the angels that met the shepherd’s to announce Jesus’ birth… or perhaps you think of beings with halos and harps… most people have questions about whether or not angels exist. What does the Bible say? Does Matthew 18:10 support the idea that all children have guardian angels? By Mike Nappa This Continue Reading

FREE Devotion: Loved by God (Fresh Hope for Today)

Loved By Grace Fox God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. ROMANS 5:8 NLT Pause Denyse had experienced a lot of pain in her life. Poor personal choices heaped heartache on her, and others’ choices added more. Her siblings labeled her a drama Continue Reading

Worry About Worrying: Why Anxiety Makes Us Feel Guilty

This is a guest post by author of Perfectly Suited, J.D. Peabody It’s been 75 years since the poet W.H. Auden described the times we’re living in as the age of anxiety. If there were any doubts about his assessment then, the last few years have erased them. Fear and worry have spread as quickly as Continue Reading