For This Week Only: Get Bible-Smart: Matthew for Just $15.99!

Why does Jesus call himself the ‘Son of Man’? Why does the book of Matthew start with a genealogy? Do we know where Jesus was buried? With Bible-Smart: Matthew, find answers to these questions and more!

The book of Matthew provides an account of Jesus’ birth, life, ministry, and resurrection. Without fully understanding this important book of the Bible, then, it’s hard to fully understand the life of our Savior.

With Bible-Smart: Matthew, dig deeper into the book of Matthew as you find answers to 200 key questions! Perfect to keep beside you as you read your Bible, this easy-to-understand book will help you to draw closer to Jesus as you develop a greater understanding of God’s Word.


With this Brand New guide to the book of Matthew, easily find trusty, reliable answers to questions about specific passages of Scripture! Written in question and answer format, this book is easy for anyone to understand.

Perfect for Individual or Group Study

Bible-Smart: Matthew is perfect for individual and group study, youth groups, teens and adults, church libraries, graduation gifts, and more!

Whether you read it on your own or with a group, there are many ways to read this book:

  • Read one entry per day for devotional time
  • Start the book at the beginning and read it consecutively to the end
  • Pick and choose, moving around from passage to passage
  • Read a Bible passage aloud to your family and then use the appropriate sections in the book as a family devotion
  • And more!

Enjoy Having These Key Features at Your Fingertips

Each Q&A can be read in under two minutes, making this book perfect for small-group Bible studies, young-adult ministries, or personal reading and devotion.

1. Answers to 200+ Key Questions about Matthew

Find well-researched answers to over 200 key questions about the book of Matthew!

Find answers to questions such as:

  • No one seems to know what happened to Mary’s husband, Joseph – why?
  • Why was there so much hatred toward tax collectors in Jesus’ day?
  • Who was actually to blame for Jesus’ death?
  • What were the burial traditions of Jesus’ time?
  • And more!

2. Easy-to-Understand Q&A Format

Each well-researched answer is backed by the Scriptures, giving you solid, Bible-based information.

This book is written in a conversational, question-and-answer format, making the information clear, simple, and easy for anyone to understand.

3. Focuses on Jesus’ Birth, Life, Ministry, and Resurrection

Deepen your understanding of Jesus as you dive deeper into his birth, life, ministry and resurrection.

Find out:

  • Who exactly were the mysterious Magi that visited Jesus?
  • What was significant about the Holy Spirit coming upon Jesus during his baptism?
  • Did Jesus really walk on water?
  • What did Jesus and the disciples eat at the Passover meal?
  • What prophecies were fulfilled when Jesus was crucified?
  • And more!

4. Quickly Find the Information You Need

With its table of contents, subject index, and Scripture index, it’s easy to find answers to specific questions! Simply look up the topic or verse you have in mind and find a relevant question and answer.

“Bible-Smart: Matthew is both wonderfully accessible and beautifully deep. Mike Nappa offers his readers surprising insights into well-known texts through historical explanation and contemporary application. It’s a wonderful resource for preachers, Bible teachers, and anyone who wants to learn more about the story of Jesus as recorded in Matthew.”

—Dr. Mary L. Vanden Berg, Professor of Systematic Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary

For This Week Only! Get Bible-Smart: Matthew for just $15.99. Sale ends 5/25/2023. US Residents Only.



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