Get the Brand New 100 Days to Freedom from Overeating Devotional for Just $13.59

Even as Christians, we might struggle with controlling our eating habits during stressful times. How can we use the Bible to help us when we feel burdened by overeating?

Find freedom from overeating with this brand new devotional filled with over 770 uplifting Bible verses, daily prayers, and quotes.

You know that it’s important to take care of our bodies. After all, our bodies were created in God’s image and serve as temples of His glory.

But in today’s society, it’s easy to overeat or fall into unhealthy eating patterns, especially when we feel stressed.

Find freedom from overeating as you read this devotional packed with Bible-focused devotions, prayers, and uplifting Scripture passages! Plus, enjoy a prayer with each entry that will remind you of God’s comforting presence as you read, pray, and reflect each day.


Enjoy these key features:

Here Are 4 Key Ways This Devotional Digs Deeper

With 100 Days to Freedom from Overeating, identify the causes behind overeating and learn how to address them, restoring a healthy relationship between food, your body, and God!

1. 100 Daily Devotions Focusing on Finding Freedom from Overeating

Short enough to read in just five minutes yet deep enough to enrich your quiet times, each of these 100 daily devotions focuses on understanding and controlling overeating, to help you restore peace of mind, body, and spirit.

Find relief as you learn new ways to help you or a loved one find ways to control unhealthy eating patterns.

Gain insight into topics such as:

2. Powerful Prayers Inspired by Scripture

Find comfort as you read prayers inspired by Scripture. Each of the 100 devotions concludes with a prayer to further your reflection. Trust in God as you approach him in prayer each day.

3. Over 395 Encouraging Bible Verses and Quotes

Read 100 relevant Bible verses as a reminder of God’s comforting presence. Reflect on the verses featured at the top of each page, and enjoy Scripture recommendations for further reflection.

Also enjoy reading over 295 quotes from notable Christian leaders to gain further insight into finding freedom from overeating.

4. Perfect for Small Groups or Personal Study

Enjoy having a flexible and easy-to-use devotional that can be used on your own or in a group. And with its full-color interior, imitation leather cover, and silver embossing, this devotional makes the perfect gift for a loved one.

Find Comfort as You Read Each of These 100 Devotions

Be comforted each day as you gain insight into how you can find freedom from overeating and keep the focus on God.

Remember that even believers have trouble controlling their eating habits sometimes, and that God is there for you, no matter what you’re going through.

Topics include:

For This Week Only! Get the Brand New 100 Days to Freedom from Overeating devotional for just $13.59. Sale ends 6/27/2023. US Residents Only.



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