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Can’t Miss Sale. HALF OFF the new-release Rose Guide to the Temple: Best Book on the Temple What makes Rose Guide to the Temple better than any other book on the Temple? It has more illustrations than any other Temple book written from a Christian perspective. Rose Guide to the Temple is the ONLY book Continue Reading

Comparison of Books on the Temple in Jerusalem

Looking for popular full-color books on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for your Israel tour or coffee table? Here are some of the most beautiful books on the Temple. Each one gives a Christian biblical and historical overview of the Tabernacle, First Temple (King Solomon’s Temple), and Second Temple (King Herod’s Temple). Whether you are Continue Reading

New! Rose Guide to the Temple

Fantastic new book on the Temple with clear plastic overlays that let you “see inside” the Temple and Tabernacle. This full-color book has more than 150 photos, diagrams, charts, and images of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem from the time of Abraham to today. This fantastic book is simple enough for the average Bible lover, Continue Reading