New! Rose Guide to the Temple

Fantastic new book on the Temple with clear plastic overlays that let you “see inside” the Temple and Tabernacle.
This full-color book has more than 150 photos, diagrams, charts, and images of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem from the time of Abraham to today. This fantastic book is simple enough for the average Bible lover, and deep enough for the scholar. It’s perfect for pastors, teachers, Bible study leader, and tourists to the Holy Land.
There is no other book like this.

  • Know how the Temple might have looked with TWO 24-inch posters
  • “See Inside” the interior of the Temple and discover the Ark of the Covenant with clear plastic overlays
  • View diagrams of the Ark, Mercy Seat, golden lampstand, altars and more
  • Know about the feasts and sacrifices
  • Understand 3000 years of history with simple time lines

Written by Dr. Randall Price, this book combines both his experience as a professor and archaeologist with the easy-to-understand explanations that he gives to tour groups he takes to Jerusalem.

Click to LOOK INSIDE the book:

Fantasic 24-inch long poster of the Temple Mount over 3000 of history
Beautiful 24-inch long poster of the Temple Jesus knew, the Second Temple
King Solomon’s Temple – interior view by biblical architect Hugh Claycombe

Tourists love Rose Guide to the Temple!

This book—

Teachers love Rose Guide to the Temple!

Special Offers on Rose Guide to the Temple!

  • PDF $26.99  (This enhanced version includes the entire book, plus an extra appendix of notes from the author. The PDF does not include the National Geographic poster.)
  • Book $29.99  
  • Case of 12 Books  $287.04  –   It’s like getting 2½ books FREE. Just enter a quantity of 12 in the shopping cart and the discount will be calculated.



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  1. Manuel raita on March 7, 2022 at 4:05 am said:

    I want to teach about it
    Please give me this pdf document

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