Comparison of Books on the Temple in Jerusalem

Looking for popular full-color books on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for your Israel tour or coffee table? Here are some of the most beautiful books on the Temple. Each one gives a Christian biblical and historical overview of the Tabernacle, First Temple (King Solomon’s Temple), and Second Temple (King Herod’s Temple). Whether you are planning a tour of the Holy Land or just enjoy reading the Bible, these books make a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

Rose Guide to the Temple
Dr. Randall Price
Splendor of the Temple
Pictorial Guide to the Temple
Pages 144+ clear plastic overlays to “see inside” the Temple 96 32
Number of Illustrations 156 75 40
Number of Time Lines 6 time lines with 100 events from 1500 BC to today. 1 time line with 20 events from 587 BC to 1967 None
Cross Section diagrams and floor plans of Solomon’s temple, Herod’s Temple, Dome of the Rock Yes, all three No No
Description of First Temple (Solomon’s Temple) 30 pages + clear plastic overlay to “see inside” Temple 1 page 3 pages
Diagram of Interior of the First Temple (Solomon’s Temple) Yes No No
Description of Second Temple (Herod’s Temple) 40 pages + clear plastic overlay to “see inside” Temple 79 pages 16 pages
Diagram of Interior of the Second Temple Yes No No
Description of Temple Mount after Second Temple (includes information on the Muslim shrine Dome of the Rock) 20 pages + diagram of the floor plan of the Temple and the Dome of the Rock. 0 4 pages
Poster of Herod’s Temple Yes, 3-page fold-out poster, “Messiah in the Temple” No No
Poster showing the size and locations of the Temple and the Dome of the Rock (available in printed book only) Yes, 3-page fold-out poster, “Jerusalem’s Holy Ground” (from National Geographic). Available in the printed version of this book, not the ebook or PDF versions.
No No
Diagram and explanation of High Priest’s garments Yes No No
Price (click on link to buy) $29.99 printed book (Hardcover) OR $26.99 PDF $19.99 (Hardcover) $9.99 (Paperback)

See sample pages from the Rose Guide to the Temple. Scroll to the bottom. Click on the interior pages to enlarge.



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