For This Week Only Get the Expanded Edition of Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps for Just $20.99!

This expanded edition of Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps has updated modern geography and a fresh new look to all of the Bible maps. With clear plastic overlays, see modern cities on top of Bible maps!
Want to compare Bible locations to modern-day maps? The expanded edition of the bestselling Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps book brings new relevance to your studies and teaching, and compares Bible locations with modern-day sites. Covers the Holy Land, Jerusalem, the Middle East, and more! Enjoy having over 65 pages of reproducible maps, overlays, charts, time lines, and diagrams on topics like:Where Jesus walked in GalileeThe Seven Churches of RevelationThe Ark of the CovenantSamson and the PhilistinesAnd more!
Perfect for church classes, homeschooling, or Bible studies, get Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps for just $20.99 for this week only!
Deepen Your Understanding of Bible Locations
The expanded edition of Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps includes:Over 35 base maps—15 more than the previous Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps book70 pages—30 more pages than the last edition8 plastic overlays that show modern locations laid over ancient mapsOver 20 diagrams, time lines, and charts that are reproducibleA hardcover spine with spiral binding to lay flat easilyAnd more!
Enjoy Having These Key Features at Your Fingertips
1Includes Full-Color Maps and Overlays Enjoy having Bible maps and clear plastic overlays that display today’s cities and countries over maps of Bible places!
Includes:Maps of Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph’s journeysThe Holy Land during the time of the Old Testament (12 Tribes)Map of Jerusalem at the time of JesusList and maps of Paul’s journeys and routesAnd much more!
2Helpful Time Lines, Charts, and Diagrams See key information in engaging time lines, charts, and diagrams right next to the Bible maps!
Includes:Chart of Paul’s letters (date, where written, and to whom)New Testament and Old Testament time lineThe Tabernacle layout (birds-eye view)And more!
3Reproducible for Pastors, Students, Bible Study Leaders, and More This full-color book looks great on a bookshelf and opens flat for easy photocopying! 
Students, Bible study leaders, pastors, professors, and others who enjoy Bible studies will love this best-selling Rose Bible reference book.
“I found this book to be very colorful and easy to follow. I used the maps in our junior church with kids aged 6-11 years old, and they really enjoyed them. Thanks so much for providing such great resources!”—instructor43302, Online Customer Review
Enjoy These Fascinating Facts
Tell Bible stories and lead studies while presenting today’s geography:God sent Jonah to preach to Nineveh, which lies on the outskirts of the modern-day city of Mosul, Iraq.When Moses fled Egypt, he went to the land of Midian (currently Saudi Arabia).Jesus went to locations in four modern-day countries: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.The seven churches of Revelation were located along major travel routes in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey).
For This Week Only! Get the expanded edition of Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps for just $20.99! Sale ends 6/9/2023. US Residents Only.



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