Free “Ancient Israel Geography” eChart

How did the climate and land of ancient Israel affect the food that grew there? And what kinds of meals did the Israelites eat in Bible times?

With this week’s free eChart, enjoy having key background information on the feasts of the Bible! Learn contextual information about the climate and land of ancient Israel, and see how that affected mealtime and the foods grown in Bible times.

Your free download includes:

  • A map of the land in Bible times
  • Background information on the feasts of the Bible
  • Key information on the climate and land of ancient Israel
  • An overview of mealtime & eating in Bible Times
  • And more!

This week’s eChart includes just a few pages from the Brand New Rose Guide to the Feasts, Festivals, and Fasts of the Bible. Get the whole book for just $26.24!

Learn About How the Bible’s Feasts are Celebrated Today

Enjoy learning about the Bible’s feasts in a modern-day context as you see how they’re celebrated today! Learn:

  • How today’s Jewish people keep the biblical holidays
  • How messianic congregations observe the biblical feasts and holidays
  • How non-messianic churches have adopted elements of biblical feasts into their services
  • How the early church engaged with the feasts and how they inform Christian celebrations today

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Get the Brand New Rose Guide to the Feasts, Festivals, and Fasts of the Bible for just $26.24

With this Brand New Rose guide, enjoy having a solid overview of all the key feasts, festivals, and celebrations in the Bible! Enjoy learning their significance, how & when they were celebrated, their key cultural context information, and more!

God commanded Moses and the Israelites to observe feasts and holy days as memorials to the great things that he had done in their lives. Without fully understanding these times of celebration, it’s difficult to fully grasp the big picture of the Bible and God’s redemption plan.

With the Brand New Rose Guide to the Feasts, Festivals and Fasts of the Bible, enjoy having a solid overview of all the key celebrations in the Bible!


  • Over 160 photos, maps, charts, diagrams, & illustrations
  • A solid overview of the Bible’s feasts, festivals, fasts, and celebrations
  • Key Bible cultural context information
  • Information on how the Bible’s feasts are celebrated today
  • And more!

Explore Key Feasts, Festivals, and Fasts of the Bible

From Passover to Shabbat, explore key festivals, holy days, and holidays from the Bible!


  • Popular festivals: Passover, Weeks, Booths, Hanukkah, Sukkot, Purim, Rosh HaShanah, and more
  • Holy days: Yom Kippur, Shabbat, and key fasts in the Bible
  • Fascinating lesser-known holidays: Firstfruits, New Moon, Counting the Omer, Simchat Torah, and others
  • Modern holidays like Israel’s Memorial Day and Tu b’Av, a Jewish “Valentine’s Day”
  • And more!

Key Features of the Rose Guide to the Feasts, Festivals, and Fasts of the Bible


Enjoy Having over 160 Photos, Maps, Charts, Diagrams, and Illustrations!

This guide is packed with full-color visuals, making it easy to see key information at a glance!


  • Full-color photos from Israel
  • A calendar of feasts and holidays
  • Helpful comparison charts
  • Maps of the biblical world
  • And more!


Enjoy Having a Solid Overview of the Bible’s Feasts & Celebrations

With this Brand New guide, learn about all of the key feasts and celebrations that happened in both the Old and New Testaments!

Enjoy learning about:

  • The celebrations, festivals, observances, and feasts kept by ancient Israel in the time of the Old Testament
  • How the festivals and holy days of ancient Israel were celebrated during the intertestamental, Second Temple, and early Rabbinic Periods
  • The ways that Jesus and the writers of the Gospels celebrated


Discover Key Bible Cultural Context

Enjoy learning the historical and biblical background of key feasts, as well as how they developed throughout biblical times!

Enjoy learning about how these cultural elements shaped the feasts of the Bible:

  • Israel’s climate and land
  • Mealtime and eating during Bible times
  • How time was measured and why certain points of the week, month, or year in the ancient world were marked by celebration
  • The Israelites’ worldview
  • And more!

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