QUIZ: Who is the “Father of the English Bible?”

Who is known as the “father of the English Bible?”

A) King James I
B) Marco Polo
C) Johannes Gutenberg
D) William Tyndale

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Timothy Paul Jones

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 8.09.35 AMMeet Timothy Paul Jones, our host of our upcoming book and DVD series How We Got the Bible. You might also recognize him as our host and writer of our Christian History Made Easy series! He’s a husband, father, editor and writer in the fields of apologetics and family ministry. He also serves at the east campus of Sojourn Community Church and as professor and associate vice president at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Click here to learn why Timothy created the series and what personal questions led him to this topic!

The How We Got the Bible Series

Have you ever wondered who wrote the books in your Bible and how they ended up together? Has anyone ever told you that some boo
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Did You Answer Correctly?

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.55.02 AMIt’s the early 16th century AD. Imagine you wake up every day of the week, say a daily prayer to the Lord, but instead of opening up your Bible you have to remember what the preacher said at church on the first day of the week. Maybe you can address your Sunday school notes (if you’re wealthy enough to have learned to read and write), but other than that, Bibles are in Greek, Hebrew, or some other language you don’t speak! Hopefully you paid attention on Sunday!
Before the Bible was in English, lay people had to rely on the authority of the Church to get their Scripture. Learn about the man that first helped us get the Bible in English from the How We Got the Bible Series.
The correct answer is: D) William Tyndale (John Wycliffe would also be a correct response)
Want to learn more about William Tyndale? Learn how the many marriages of Henry VIII cost William Tyndale his life in this video from our Christian History Made Easy study!:

Learn more from the How We Got the Bible series!

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