7 Churches of Revelation eChart

Free Revelation eChart:
Overview of All 7 Churches & Background on Ephesus

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No matter how you interpret the Book of Revelation, Jesus’ message to the Seven Churches provides encouragement and hope! Find out what Jesus’ message was to each of the seven churches at a glance with this week’s Free eChart!
In the book of Revelation, Jesus addresses the spiritual health of each of the 7 churches. He praised, warned, and encouraged each church so that they may be faithful to the end. This week’s free eChart includes an incredible side-by-side chart covering each church’s strengths, weaknesses, and promises! It also gives incredible insight into the church at Ephesus. Ephesus was known to be the main worship center of the goddess Artemis. Yet, the church was praised for its hard work and encouraged never to lose sight of their first love— Jesus. As Christians today, it is important that we too check the spiritual health of our walk with God as we continue to wait for the coming of our Lord Jesus. Download and share this incredible free eChart on the 7 churches of Revelation today!
Includes an incredible overview chart on the 7 churches of Revelation:

  • Ephesus
  • Smyrna
  • Pergamum
  • Thyatira
  • Sardis
  • Philadelphia
  • Laodicea

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Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from Rose-Publishing.com is appreciated!


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From the faithful church of Philadelphia to the lukewarm congregation of Laodicea, enjoy having an in-depth overview of all 7 churches of Revelation at your fingertips. Dig deeper into the culture, history, strengths, challenges, and promises given by Jesus to each church. Deepen your understanding of the Book of Revelation as you discover how each of the 4 end-times views interpret this key passage. With this incredible pamphlet’s reflection questions, you (and those you teach) will find out what the 7 churches teach about standing firm in your faith, staying passionate for Christ, growing in patience, putting God first, and more! Order it today and save 33%

For each of the seven churches, easily see:

  • History and background of each church
  • Strength and weakness of each church
  • Church challenge (Covers how each of the 7 churches could improve.)
  • Eternal and individualized promise given to them by Jesus

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Enjoy Having These 5 Key Features of 7 Churches of Revelation Pamphlet

    1. Easy-to-understand. Features simple summaries and an in-depth overview of each of the 7 churches of Revelation
    2. Packed with visuals, including a full-color map showing the location of each of the 7 churches
    3. Relevant. Features reflection questions that will challenge and strengthen your walk with God
    4. Solid and Trustworthy. Includes a basic explanation of how each of the 4 end-times view interpret this key passage
    5. Quick and Simple. Includes quick-reference charts showing key information at a glance
      • Overview chart on the seven churches.
      • Quick-reference chart covers how Jesus identifies himself to each church. Find out what it means when Jesus call himself: “the First and the Last;” he holds a “double-edged sword;” and more!
      • 4 Views of the End-Times Chart: Covers the four Christian views of how to interpret these key passages of Revelation (Historicist, Preterist, Futurist, and Idealist).

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