Bible History Birthdays: King James I

To celebrate our NEW How We Got the Bible Series, we’re also celebrating the birthdays of the folks that God has used to get the Bible to where it is today!

King James I of England
b. June 19, 1566

King James I of England commissioned 54 scholars to undertake a new Bible translation (we’ll give you a hint: his name is in the version title). Over the next six years, six teams of scholars using the Bishops Bible and Tyndale’s Bible, as well as available Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, complete the new version in 1611. The King James Version (also called the “Authorized Version,” even though King James never gave the finished version his royal approval) was revised several times. Happy birthday, Jimmy!

I can make a lord, but only God can make a gentleman.King James I bdaysignup

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How We Got the Bible

Want to learn more about how we got the Bible? We’ve got the perfect resources for you… Alternatively, here’s a great eChart on How We Got the Bible that you can download right now!

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