FREE eChart: Trials and God’s Divine Purpose

Trials eChart
Hardships in life can make us question where God is in our lives. In Psalm 139, the Bible tells us that God sees our every move, knows the intentions of our hearts, and knows what is before and after us. This means he can see the loss of dear ones in our lives, the moments of physical discomfort, the layoffs, the seasons in which we barely have two dimes to rub together. In those times, it’s hard to see that God has a greater purpose for us and that He is truly good, despite what our hearts tell us (1 John 3  and other Scriptures tell us our own hearts can be deceiving). What can we do to hold onto God’s promises in those moments when it’s hardest to believe in God’s providence or goodness?
What are Christians supposed to do when God doesn’t seem present?
What about when He’s quiet?
Or when He doesn’t seem good?
The quick answer, and one you’ve probably heard, is that we must trust in the Lord and his promises, but how? What about when circumstances make it hard to do so? It’s okay to bring our questions and concerns to the Holy Spirit and wait for Him to respond. And it’s natural to get upset and confused when we don’t hear from God right away. Today we want to equip you with some of the answers you’re looking for and walk with you towards Jesus for them.
This week, we’re sharing a free eChart from our new title from June Hunt, Trials. We pray that you can be blessed by the Scripture and wisdom that June Hunt delivers to you. Use these practical tips and biblical evidences to lean into the Lord. (This is just one of our many free eCharts that we give away every month. Want to receive all of them? Sign up here.)

FREE “Trials” eChart: God’s Refining Fire

Find Out How God Uses Trials to Purify Us, Test Us, and Ultimately Bless Us.

We don’t develop Christ-like character all at once. It’s developed over time, especially through trials. But, how can you hang on to hope in the midst of the flames? June Hunt takes you step-by-step through the Refiner’s process with this week’s Free eChart—revealing how God uses trials to purify us, test us, and ultimately bless us.
Packed with simple summaries, key verses, and fascinating facts, this week’s free eChart takes you through the 6 key stages of the “refining” process. Easily see how God uses trials to transform us into His glorious image! This week’s FREE eChart not only covers the process—but it also compares the different ways we can submit (or resist) the process. Enjoy finding out the positive and negative ways we can respond to trials. Features key Bible verses and insights from the story of Job.
This is just 10 pages from June Hunt’s Trials: God’s Refining Fire minibook, a 96-page book which covers God’s heart and purpose for the trials in your life. Click here to find out more about Trials: God’s Refining Fire
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