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10 Myths About Suicide and How to Help a Suicidal Friend (World Suicide Prevention)

According to the CDC, suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.–but did you know that more than half of those that die by suicide do not have known mental health disorders? Join us today as we explore what other common misconceptions about suicide and suicide prevention are and learn what Continue Reading

3 Pitfalls of Being a Perfectionist for Christ

Let’s me start off today’s thought by asking you a question (and please answer honestly!): what would you do if you had a dinner guest coming tonight? Your brain probably jumps to the list of things you’d need to do to prepare, right? The house should be vacuumed, there are groceries to be bought, surfaces Continue Reading

6 Hopeful Promises to Remember in Depression

When life doesn’t seem worth living, when there doesn’t seem any truth or joy or even answers in the world, the spiritual connection of faith provides a source of truth, joy, and answers outside of you. This spiritual reservoir can spring up and replenish parched souls. When you are in the midst of depression, you Continue Reading

6 Ways to Respond to Conflict — Practical Tips and Warnings

Free Conflict Resolution eChart: Understanding the 6 Ways People Respond to Conflict Share this printable eChart with your friends, family, church leaders, and small group members FOR FREE! Find out the 6 common ways people respond to conflict—and discover practical tips on how to resolve core differences with this free eChart. Using bulleted lists, simple Continue Reading

Free eChart: 11 Signs of Passive Aggressive Behavior

 FREE Verbal and Emotional Abuse eChart Sometimes abuse is easy to spot, but not always.Bruises from physical abuse can been seen, but the wounds from verbal and emotional abuse can be difficult to detect. This week’s FREE eChart provides simple summaries, key definitions, and a basic overview on verbal and emotional abuse. Featuring practical advice Continue Reading

What the Bible Says About Depression

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we want to address one of the most common mental health issues: depression. According to recent statistics, 1 in every 15 American adults are affected by a diagnosable depressive disorder every year. Many communities and churches remain silent about the topic of depression for various reasons. Some see Continue Reading

FREE eChart: Trials and God’s Divine Purpose

Where Is God in Trials?

Hardships in life can make us question where God is in our lives. In Psalm 139, the Bible tells us that God sees our every move, knows the intentions of our hearts, and knows what is before and after us. This means he can see the loss of dear ones in our lives, the moments Continue Reading

Mathematical Proofs of Jesus – A Christmas Devotional from June Hunt

The Bible contains hundreds of prophecies foretelling the birth of Jesus the Messiah. What’s more, Jesus fulfilled every single messianic prophecy. Have you ever wondered what the mathematical odds of a single individual fulfilling just eight of these specific prophecies? Scholarly mathematician Dr. Peter Stoner explored this question in great detail. Here’s what he discovered: Continue Reading

FREE 10 Myths About Bullying eChart

SPECIAL: Be the first to get ALL 6 NEW releases for ONLY $15.99 (reg. $23.94)! This Week Only Save 33%! Get ALL 6 NEW releases from Christian counselor June Hunt for ONLY $15.99 (Reg. $23.94). Enjoy finding out out what the Bible says about tough topics, such as bullying, broken families, and finances, at a Continue Reading

10 Steps to Confronting Your Own Codependency

Read this article by June Hunt here and find out how you or any of your loved ones can start walking away from a codependent relationship and towards a lifestyle dependent on God’s grace and kindness.