7 Reasons You Can Trust the Bible

William Lane Craig
How is your 40 Days of Fasting Bible reading going? We pray that you’re being enriched in your time spent with the Lord in the Word. New to the Rose Bible challenges? Well, it’s not too late to start! Click here for the FREE reading plan then click to subscribe in the top right corner of this page to get the study-enriching resources!
40 Days of Fasting Reading Plan
Along with the plan, we’re providing FREE, no sign up necessary, weekly supplemental material to help you dig into what makes the Bible trustworthy and reliable in our modern days. This week, we’re asking: how can you trust a book that’s 2,000 years old when our children are getting updated textbooks every year, rendering last year’s editions irrelevant and worthless? With new research, news, and information coming at us constantly, how can we trust such an ancient text?
Watch the video below from William Lane Craig that explains why some people have it all wrong when it comes to judging the accuracy and integrity of the Scriptures.

What are some other reasons that we can KNOW that the Bible is reliable? Well, here are 7 to start with (click the links to learn more about each subject):

  1. The history of how carefully, sacrificially, and faithfully the Bible has been preserved
  2. Archaeological evidence from old texts, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, that shows the accuracy of translations over the years
  3. The 50 best-known proofs for the Old Testament
  4. The 50 best-known proofs for the New Testament
  5. Scriptural apologetics
  6. The ASTOUNDING accuracy of the 100 prophecies fulfilled by Jesus
  7. Biblical authorship

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