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5 Names of God for Overcoming Loneliness

5 Names of God for Overcoming Loneliness This time of year can be tough for a lot of us… whether you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one or are going through heartache from separation, loneliness is not an uncommon nor abnormal feeling. God created us with a need for community and a need to Continue Reading

TRIVIA: Who Was the First Person to Call God “El Roi?”

Q: Who was the first person to call God “El Roi?” A. Solomon B. Adam C. Paul D. Hagar Keep reading for the answer! Why Should I Study God’s Names? For a lot (if not ALL) of the same reasons you need to study the Bible! Learning God’s names is not just an academic experience. Continue Reading

TRIVIA: Do You Know the First Name of God that Appears in the Bible?

Q: What is the first name of God that appears in the Bible? A. Elohim B. El Shaddai C. YHWH D. Jehovah Keep reading for the answer! Most people may not know who George Herman Ruth Jr. is, but when you call him “The Great Bambino,” the “Sultan of Swat,” the “King of Clout,” a Continue Reading