TRIVIA: Do You Know the First Name of God that Appears in the Bible?


Q: What is the first name of God that appears in the Bible?

A. Elohim
B. El Shaddai
D. Jehovah

Keep reading for the answer!

Most people may not know who George Herman Ruth Jr. is, but when you call him “The Great Bambino,” the “Sultan of Swat,” the “King of Clout,” a lot of us will immediately recognize “George” as “Babe Ruth,” one of the most legendary baseball players to exist. (No, the candy bar is not named after him, we looked this up!)
It’s hard to encapsulate so much athletic talent into “George” right? Even more so with God and all his attributes! God is loving, kind, powerful, just, merciful, creative, protective, fatherly… He’s our Comforter, he’s jealous for us, and he’s our Advocate… I could go on forever! This is why you’ll see dozens of names and titles that illustrate God’s nature in the Bible. A few for example–

  • Abba: Father
  • Immanuel: God with Us
  • Jehovah-Nissi: The Lord My Banner

Why Should I Study God’s Names?

For a lot (if not ALL) of the same reasons you need to study the Bible! Learning God’s names is not just an academic experience. It’s not like memorizing flashcards or a recipe by heart. It’s a fluid and transformative experience. Learning God’s names changes you from the inside out. It’s a study we should continue throughout our lives, in all seasons.
Become more acquainted with God’s character and nature through his names. It’s like spending time with a friend or a loved one. You start seeing his hand in your life circumstances, whether it’s his providence, mercy, justice, love, or friendship. It’s a key to understanding the great plan he has for your life. It’s essential to knowing who you are and what you were made for. Who better to ask than…

Did You Get the Answer Right?

A. Elohim or Mighty Creator

Imagine God extending His hand to you in introduction. “Hello,” He says, “My name is Elohim.” Essentially, that’s what He does in the Bible: “In the beginning, Elohim created the heavens and the earth.”
The Bible includes more than one hundred names for God, yet this is the one He starts with: Elohim—supreme God, strong One. Say it aloud; the name even sounds mighty. Elohim is used 2,570 times in Scripture. Over and over, God’s Word reminds us of God’s strength, His might. And the more we seek God, the more we come to personally know and experience His power. Sometimes we face obstacles that seem huge. Sometimes we find ourselves staring at a wall too tall to see over, too thick to knock down. It is then we must remember to call out to Elohim.

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