Free “A New Year of Hope” eChart

As we approach the New Year, how can God restore our hope for the future? And how can we use our faith to encourage others for the year ahead?

This week’s free eChart will help you reflect upon the ways that God restored hope in the Bible, to help you think about God as a redeemer and bringer of new hope. Enrich your relationship with God as you reflect on His character and goodness!

In this week’s free download, enjoy having two devotionals focused on God’s presence and His role as redeemer.

Your 2 free devotionals are each packed with:

  • One specific name of God
  • Meaning of the name
  • Encouraging explanation and inspirational reflection
  • A personal application question and prayer
  • And more!

This week’s free eChart is just a small portion from the 100 Names of God Daily Devotional. For 4 days only, get the whole devotional for just $7.99!

Enjoy Having These Key Features at Your Fingertips

Tap into the incredible beauty and wonder of God’s names as you reflect on what it means to have Him as your strong tower, your rock, your healer, your deliverer, and more!

Daily Devotions on 100 Names of God

Short enough to read in just 5 minutes yet deep enough to enrich your quiet times, each of these 100 daily devotions ushers you into the very presence of God by having you reflect on His character.

Thought-Provoking Questions & Prayers

Find encouragement and strength daily as you pray through the names of God!

Each devotion includes a prayer inspired by one of God’s names. It also includes a personal reflection question that will help you remember God’s care as you face daily challenges.

Index & 6-Week Study Guide

Dig even deeper into God’s Word with this devotional’s optional study resources, such as:

  • An index showing God’s names in Hebrew/Greek
  • Cross-references to Strong’s Concordance for further study
  • An additional Scripture for each devotion
  • A 6-week Bible study that’s perfect for personal use or small groups
  • And more!

Full-Color Interior

With stunning, full-color graphics and a padded cover, this devotional is perfect for personal use, small groups, and gifts!

“This is the book I have been searching to find for several years. Other books with similar names did not include all the Hebrew and Greek titles of God… This is awesome.”

—Ann Sanger, Church Leader, Online Customer Review

“Such a beautiful book. The description verses and teachings they have done for every Name of God is so easy to understand. I love it and can’t put it down. Thank you for such a wonderful book”

—MrsM, Online Customer Review

Deepen Your Understanding of 100 Names of God

In the Bible, we discover dozens of titles and names of God, and now you can cherish them all in one devotional! Each name reveals an important attribute of God’s nature or reminds us of His care for us:

For 4 Days Only  

Get the 100 Names of God Daily Devotional for just $7.99

Start the New Year with a devotional that will help you dig deeper into who God is! From Immanuel to Adonai, cherish over 100 names of God in this one devotional!

Want a devotional that will deepen your understanding of God? Many devotionals don’t cover the meaning of Hebrew and Greek keywords. Imagine having one that does!

Dig into the Hebrew and Greek meanings of 100 names of God, and gain incredible insights that will grow your understanding of who God is! Each devotion includes a daily Scripture, reflection question, and a prayer that will draw you deeper into His presence.

Discover how each name of God holds a specific promise for you!

Experience the peace that comes from deepening your understanding of who God is with the 100 Names of God Daily Devotional. For 4 days only, get it for just $7.99!

“I truly grew spiritually as I read this book. I knew God had many names, but I had never really studied what each name meant. It was powerful to learn His names … After only 2 days of reading this book, I had already felt a change in my spirit!…Truly inspirational!”

—Mary, Online Customer Review

100 Names of God brings our connection to God to a new level of closeness and worship. You will find yourself ‘finding God’ yet again.”

—John Townsend, NY bestselling author of Boundaries

With the 100 Names of God Daily Devotional, be renewed with a deeper sense of hope as you’re led to the very heart of God and the good news of who He is. For four days only, get it for just $7.99!

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