Free “Celebrating Jesus’ Birth and Life” eChart

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s almost time to celebrate Jesus’ birth!

In this week’s free eChart, see key information about Jesus’ birth and life. Enjoy seeing key details about the Christmas story and learn what Mary and Joseph’s journey was like!

Also enjoy learning key information about Southern Israel, where Jesus was born, to find out new background information on the Christmas story. Dive into a helpful list of Jesus’ I Am statements, to remind you of Jesus’ identity during this important season.

This week’s free download includes:

  • A biblical overview of Jesus’ birth
  • Key information on Jesus’ childhood and baptism
  • Key information on Southern Israel: its significance to the Christmas story, its geography, and more
  • An overview of Jesus’ I Am statements
  • And more!

This week’s free eChart is just a few pages out of Self-Guided Tour of the Bible. Get the whole book for just $9.99 today only!

Enjoy Having Quick Profiles of 100 Key Bible People

Key Bible People

Enjoy seeing key information on Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, Saul, King David, Jesus, the Apostle Paul, John the Baptist, and dozens more!

Plus, enjoy seeing an overview of all 66 books of the Bible with this easy-to-understand guide! 

Discover Hundreds of Fascinating Facts!

From Bible reliability to Bible history, find out hundreds of fascinating facts:

  • The word canon comes from a Greek word meaning “rule or measuring stick,” so God’s rule of faith is revealed in the sixty-six canonical books.
  • The word Messiah comes from a Hebrew word meaning “anointed one.”
  • Mount Hermon in Northern Israel gets enough winter snow to be able to ski or snowboard on.
  • And more!

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Get a Handle on the Entire Bible with This Highly Visual Guide!

Unlike most handbooks, Self-Guided Tour of the Bible includes more than just text summaries and outlines. It features 200 charts, time lines, maps, and full-color pictures that show key information at a glance!

Visuals include:

  • Stunning maps with vivid descriptions of Bible lands
  • Organized charts explaining complicated Bible concepts
  • Clear time lines showing Bible and world events side-by-side 
  • And more!

“Wonderful overview of the Bible… The charts and graphics are amazing! They capture complex topics succinctly and in a way that is easier to digest.”

—mromani, Online Customer Review

“Excellent…There are study hints, maps, time lines, charted comparisons, individual book descriptions. The descriptions of Biblical characters, time lines, kings, empires, are all historically accurate…The maps are amazing…this book wows me.”

—emtee23, Online Customer Review

Enjoy Having These Key Features at Your Fingertips

Solid Overview of the Entire Bible

From Genesis through Revelation, get an overview on all 66 books of the Bible! See each book’s author, date, events, and key verses at a glance!

Then dig even deeper as you see:

Detailed Maps & Bible Geography

Quickly get a handle on the Bible’s basic geography with this guide’s vivid descriptions and detailed maps, including:

Over 200 Charts, Maps, and Time Lines

Easily see key information at a glance with Rose’s incredible charts, time lines, and more, including:

  • Bible History time line showing 140 Bible and world events side-by-side
  • Maps showing Paul’s travels, the Holy Land in Jesus’ time, the Middle East, and more
  • A chart with key details on the minor prophets
  • And more!

Basic Beliefs Made Easy

It’s important to know the who, what, where, when, how, and why of the entire Bible!

Enjoy having a solid overview on key teachings, including:

  • Key events from Jesus’ life, including his last week
  • 37 of Jesus’ parables
  • Heaven, hell, and eternity
  • 8 “Big Picture” themes in the Bible
  • And more!

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