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Do you know who you are? Do you know who you are in Jesus? When our lives seem empty or directionless, how can we look to the Lord for fulfillment and for living water?

Temple Video

Join Bible teachers Bruce Marchiano and Dr. Matt Williams as they dive into the Bible passage John 7. Discover the deeper meaning of living water in the context of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. In addition, dive into two deeply connected passages that unpack the concept of Jesus’ living water. 

This week’s free video Bible study session includes:

  • Introduction from Bruce Marchiano
  • Bible passages read and displayed (John 7:37-44, Ezekiel 47)
  • Easy-to-understand explanation and teaching from Dr. Matt Williams
  • And more!

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Experience the Gospel of John through the eyes of a first‐century disciple with this 12‐session DVD study and gain fresh insight into your identity in Christ. It automatically comes with a leader guide, participant guide, handbook, and more!

The Gospel of John is the most unique Gospel. It includes stories, parables, and miracles not even mentioned in the other Gospels. What does it reveal about Jesus? What does it reveal about your identity in Christ?

Featuring more sessions, more scholars, this Gospel of John 12‐session DVD study provides an immersive experience into first-century Jewish culture, providing unparalleled insights into Jesus’ identity as Messiah and your identity in Christ.

The Gospel of John Kit

From Jewish feasts to first-century customs, the Gospel of John will overflow with fresh meaning as you see Jesus’ miracles, parables, and teachings in their original context.

Deepen Your Understanding of the Gospel of John with This All-Inclusive DVD Study!

You don’t have to be an expert to lead with this all-inclusive kit! It includes all that you need for an engaging study of John.

Inside the Gospel of John Kit

Using easy‐to‐understand explanations, this engaging DVD study features 6 renowned scholars who connect the dots between Jewish customs and Jesus’ miracles, parables, and teachings.

Shepherd and sheep

Refresh your understanding of the Gospel of John with these key features:

Deepen Your Understanding of Key Miracles, Parables, and Events

The Greek word euangelion, translated as gospel, means “good news.” What is the good news of the Gospel of John?

Each session includes a 25‐minute video teaching, which offers incredible historical insights that will deepen your understanding of Jesus’ life and ministry.

Teachers and Bible Verses

Taught by 6 biblical professors and pastors, each session is engaging, relevant, and easy to understand.

With these sessions, learn more about these important details from the Bible:

  • Miracles: Jesus turning water into wine, Jesus’ raising Lazarus back to life, healing of a blind man, healing of the paralytic
  • Teachings: Jesus is thelight of the world, the true vine, the good shepherd
  • People & Events: Temple cleansing, Nicodemus, Last Supper
  • And more!

See How Jewish Customs Impacts the Meaning of Key Scriptures

What was it like to be a shepherd in Bible times? What was the significance of water in Israel? How does understanding the feasts of the Bible shed new light on key teachings of Jesus?

This 12-session DVD study gives you a peek into the world of Bible times, providing much‐needed cultural context.

Jewish Culture

Some passages in the Bible require even greater in‐depth treatment. Learn from 6 Bible experts as they tackle topics and questions that arise while reading the Gospel of John, such as:

  • Why did Jesus wait 2 days before traveling to Bethany to heal Lazarus?
  • Why did Jesus talk about “thirst” during the Feast of Tabernacles?
  • How did Ezekiel’s prophecies point to believers as the temple of God?

Discover 12 Truths about Your Identity and Purpose in Christ

You’ll find that the text comes alive when you have a greater understanding of how this gospel directly applies to your life. Each session answers essential questions, such as, “Who am I?” and “What’s my purpose?”


Have you ever wondered what you were meant to do? Deepen your understanding of what it means to be called by God in each of the 12 sessions.

  • Called to Honor: Water into Wine, John 2:1-11
  • Called to Belong: Temple Cleansing, John 2:13-22
  • Called to Restoration: Samaritan Woman, John 4:4-26
  • Called to Serve in Love: Last Supper, John 13:1-17
  • Called to Healing Work: Healing the Paralytic, John 5:1-18
  • And more!

Anyone Can Lead with This All‐Inclusive Kit!

Packed with leader tips, discussion questions, practical applications, and prayer points, this DVD study can be led by anyone.

Rose Guide to the Gospels

It automatically includes:

  • 12 video sessions on DVD
  • Leader Guide (PDF)
  • Participant Guide (paperback)
  • Rose Guide to the Gospels (handbook)
  • PowerPoint with 100+ slides
  • And more!

Find Out Fascinating Facts:

This DVD study unpacks twelve passages, giving you greater historical context and helping you to see the text through the eyes of a first-century audience. For example:“Living water” represents spiritual cleansing in the Jewish culture.  This adds another layer of meaning to Jesus’ statement that out of your belly will flow “rivers of living water.”What’s the significance of Lazarus being dead for 4 days? According to Jewish tradition, there’s no chance of a dead person coming back to life after 3 days.And more!
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