Free “Four Views of the End Times” eChart

You’ve got commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and endless resources about the end times, but one thing you don’t have a lot of is time! We want to help you boil down all the references into the straight need-to-know facts and relevant scriptures in an easy-to-understand quick-guide.

This week’s free eChart gives you a deep-dive of 4 key views of the end times that you can understand in mere minutes! From Jesus’ physical return to the tribulation, get key information on how each view of the end times interprets Scripture. This week’s free download includes these key features:

This week’s free Bible eChart features just a couple pages out of the 216‐page reference guide, Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines. Last Day to Get Rose’s #1 reference book for just $19.99.

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Get the Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines for Just $19.99

Packed with MORE charts, maps, and time lines than the original, this expanded edition includes new features and updated information that will add depth to any Bible study, and make it easier to explain the Bible to others!

Get ALL the Bible charts that made the original a favorite, but improved with:

  • Updated information and facts
  • Enhanced styling and format
  • Added pictures and time lines
  • NEW charts on 14 essential doctrines, 52 Bible stories, tribes of Israel, and more!

Enjoy Having 200 Charts, Maps, and Time Lines at Your Fingertips

Most Bible reference books don’t include charts and visuals. Imagine having one that does! Enjoy seeing a visual on EVERY page! Plus, it is fully reproducible!

Here’s 5 Key Ways This Book Helps You Dig Deeper into the Bible

1. 200 Bible Charts on Key Topics

Enjoy having over 200 reproducible charts, maps, and time lines! (That’s 37 MORE than the original!)

Dig deeper into key topics, including:

  • Tabernacle and Temple
  • Names of God
  • Armor of God
  • Book of Revelation
  • Christianity, Cults, and Religions
  • And more!

2. 15 Full‐Color Bible Maps

Quickly see where Bible places are located today with its ADDED “Then and Now” Bible maps! Modern boundaries and cities are marked in red, making it even easier to understand the Bible’s context.

Featuring larger font, these full‐color maps are easy‐to‐read and reference:

3. Time Lines on Bible, World, and Christian History

Quickly cover key information at a glance with these easy‐to‐follow time lines. See over 300 events from Bible and world history side-by-side—and more!


4. Updated & Expanded to Include 50 Topics

Easily cover 50 Bible topics with this easy‐to‐use, updated book and enjoy having 100s of fascinating facts on key topics at your fingertips!

It includes ALL the charts from the original, but they’ve been updated, enhaced, and re‐formatted, making them even easier to use! Plus, it includes brand new charts!

Discover incredible insights into:

5. 3 Foldout Posters That Are Almost 2 Feet Long

This is one of the only reference guides with 3 foldout posters that are almost 2 feet long! Unfold these giant visuals and see more information at a glance!

“Wow! They have taken it to new levels of readability and clarity. The charts especially are arranged better with an improved color. I wish I had this book in seminary. It is the kind of quick reference book that would have saved me hours.”

—Steve Lucas, Active Church Leader, Rose Review

“This book is amazing. Never have I seen so much material presented in such an easy-to-access, right‐at‐hand format…this one book is my #1 go‐to overview and quick-reference resource because of the ease with which I can find the answers to my most pressing questions…”

—Dewey, Online Customer Review

“Love this! Great resource for Bible Study groups! Love the charts, maps and illustrations. Concise, colorful and accurate.”

—Cindy, Online Customer Review



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