5 Tips ANYONE Can Use to Share Their Testimony

You might not be an expert in theology, the Bible, doctrines, or apologetics, but you are an expert in what Jesus has done in your life! You are an expert in how Jesus has set you free. When you give your testimony, focus on the mighty river of God’s grace. When someone seeking faith or meaning in life sees that you know you’re a sinner who deserves to spend eternity apart from God, but you have absolute assurance that you are saved because of what Jesus has done for you, that will make an impact on their life.
Keep the following things in mind when giving your testimony:

  • Describe what your life was like before you were a Christian. What were your feelings, attitudes, actions, and relationships like during this time? (The apostle Paul clearly spoke of what his life was like before he was a Christian — Acts 26:4-11.)
  • What events happened in your life that led up to your decision to trust in Christ? What caused you to begin considering Christ as a solution to your needs? Be specific.

  • Describe your conversion experience. Was it a book you read? Were you in a church? Were other Christians with you at the time? (Paul clearly spoke of how he became a Christian — Acts 26:12-18.)
  • What kind of change took place in your life following your conversion? What effect did trusting in Christ have on your feelings, attitudes, actions, and relationships? (Paul spoke of how his life changed once becoming a Christian — Acts 26:19-23.)
  • Never forget that God works through people. He uses people as instruments to reach out and bless other people; that’s his chosen means. In the Old Testament God worked through Israel to bring blessing to others. The Jewish nation would be a light to the Gentiles, an instrument by which blessing would be communicated to all people everywhere. In the New Testament, the church is to be used as an instrument of God by which God reaches through his church to bring blessing to people around the world. Each one of us can be used as an instrument!

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  • KEY #1: Know Your Bible.
    No one can know all the false teachings of all the cults, but Christians can learn the Bible well enough so that no matter who is on their doorstep, they will recognize cultic doctrine as soon as they hear it.
  • KEY #2: Remember that Not All Followers of a Cult Believe Alike.
    Don’t assume every cultist believes the same thing
  • KEY #3: Remember that Cultists Are Trained to Answer Objections.
    Many who have talked with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons would say that they seem to have an answer for everything.
  • KEY #4: Check Scripture Verses.
    When cultists quote a verse it is typically quoted out of context.
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