Understanding the 11 Dangers of Technology to Kids

Free Tips For Parenting The Smartphone Generation eChart:

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Technology has made learning easier than ever before. But, it also has spurred concerns: Behavioral problems. Online predators. Adult content. The list doesn’t end there, so what can parents and leaders do to ensure the safety of our kids?
Find out 11 major dangers of technology and internet use—and discover practical tips on how to protect your child from these risks with this free eChart. Using bulleted lists, simple summaries, and practical tips, Dr. Gregory Jantz makes parenting the smartphone generation easy-to-understand. This generation is the first generation of children born into technology. Find out tips for parenting (and leading) this smartphone generation with this week’s free eChart, which includes:

  • Relevant statistics on parents and technology use of their children
  • 11 dangers of technology (and how to address them), including exposure to adult material, physical effects, and the 6 social-emotional effects of technology.
  • Practical solutions—how to set up parental filters, keeping technology out of bedrooms during sleep hours, etc.

This FREE eChart is just a few pages out of Dr. Jantz’s Ten Tips For Parenting The Smartphone Generation Book, which covers the 10 practical steps you can take to protect your child or preteen and get the most out of technology.

Ten Tips For Parenting The Smartphone Generation

  • Regulate your child’s screen time and increase quality family time by setting a good example. (Includes an exercise that will help you identify how much time your kids are spending with technology)
  • Promote positive ways of using technology (Includes helpful tips!) .
  • Realize how technology affects children’s development.
  • Protect your children from bad habits, cyber-bullies, and online predators by setting boundaries and parental controls (and more!)

Please Note: This book is written to parents, but is also useful for pastors, church leaders, and grandparents, who can find out key information on how to protect kids, encourage parents, and also how to minister to the next generation.


Five Keys To Raising Boys

Find out how to help your son (or grandson) in each of these areas:

  • Emotional: How to help your son express his emotions in a healthy way
  • Intellectual: Motivate and guide your son to be his best in school and extracurriculars.
  • Physical: Answers tough questions about how to give “the talk,” why puberty should be addressed, and when (includes age-appropriate responses for every age group)

Perfect for parents, grandparents, pastors, church leaders, counselors, or to hand to a friend!




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