TRIVIA: Christian Symbols Quiz #2


The cross became a symbol of Christianity around…

A. About 34 AD

B. About 313 AD

C. About 645 AD

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  • Christian Imagery

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Trivia Answer Below…

Had some time to think? If you guessed this answer, you’d be correct!:

B. About 313 AD

The Cross Wasn’t Always a Symbol of Christianity…

When people see a cross today, they likely think of Christianity. But in the first few centuries, people associated the cross with crucifixion—the gruesome and shameful form of criminal execution that they may have even personally witnessed. It wasn’t until late in Emperor Constantine’s reign in the fourth century that crucifixions were prohibited. After Constantine legalized Christianity in AD 313 and persecution and crucifixions waned, the cross then became a widely-used public symbol for Christianity.  Learn more.
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