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Easily see over 300 key events from Genesis through Revelation at a glance— and conveniently compare Bible and world history side-by-side! Fits inside most Bibles. Get it for just 99¢
Most study Bibles do not include timelines (and if they do, the information is in the back making it hard to reference). Imagine having a slim line timeline that can easily be pulled out and quickly referenced without having to flip back and forth! Enjoy having over 300 key events from Bible and world history at your fingertips.
Covering everyone from Adam and Eve to Cleopatra and Aristotle, this easy-to-follow timeline provides an overview of 300 key dates, events, and people throughout Bible and world history. Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, or student of the Bible, this incredible time line is a great way to quickly see the sequence of every major event in the Bible along side fascinating facts and background information, such as:

  • The first Olympic games were about the time of Jonah.
  • Daniel lived at the same time as Buddha
  • King David ruled around the same time the Mayan Dynasties were founded in Central America
  • Cleopatra was queen of Egypt just 30 years before Jesus’ time.

This is must-have Bible tool is great to personally use and to give out to your entire small group or ministry. It unfolds to 33 inches long and fits inside most Bible covers so you reference it at anytime! Get it for JUST 99¢.
Gospel Pamphlet
Easy-to-Use and Convenient! Features full-color pictures, easy-to-read print, and 300 key events throughout Bible and world history! Use it before or during any Old or New Testament Bible study. Hurry! Save 75%! Get this Bible Timeline Pamphlet for JUST 99¢ Today Only

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“A Very Useful Visual Teaching Tool! As Pastor, I am always trying to find tools like this for our teachers to use to bring more out of the learning experience. I also really enjoy the items of history included that show what else was going on in the world at the same time of the Biblical events.” — Pastor Greg, verified customer review on CBD


“This timeline is easy to read and understand. It fits easily into most Bibles and the print is about the right size.”— Granddad, customer review on Amazon

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Free Bible Timeline on the Old Testament

(Covers everything from the Tabernacle to King Tut)


Share this printable eChart with your friends, family, church leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
Easily navigate through key Old Testament events with this full-color time line and conveniently see the connection between Bible and World History at a glance! Fully-illustrated, detailed, and easy-to-read, this week’s free eChart is an helpful timeline for any Old Testament study and covers 300 years of history (1500 BC-1200 BC). It covers key events and people, including the Tabernacle, Ten Commandments, Moses, and more. Plus, it shares insight into world history. For example, the famous Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tut, may have ruled around the same time as the Old Testament judges (Othniel, Deborah, Gideon, etc).
This FREE eChart shows only a few of the 300 events featured in Rose’s Bible Timeline pamphlet. To easily see over 300 key events throughout Bible and world history at a glance, get Rose’s slim line, foldout Bible timeline. Shop now to save 75% today only.
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from is appreciated!

Save 75% Today Only

Get Rose’s Bestselling Bible Timeline For Just 99¢


Bible Timeline Pamphlet

Gospel PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
See the sequence of every major event throughout the entire Bible alongside world and Middle Eastern history with this fold-out timeline (2200 BC- AD 100)
Easily see over 300 key people and events from Genesis through Revelation at a glance! This easy-to-read, fold-out timeline shows hundreds of Bible events side-by-side with world and Middle East history. Covering everyone from Adam and Eve to Cleopatra and Aristotle, it provides an easy-to-follow overview of key dates, events, and leaders throughout Bible and word history. This easy-to-follow slimline pamphlet is filled with full-color illustrations and photographs. There is no better timeline of Bible history for Bible studies, Sunday schools, and small groups!

Enjoy having these 5 key features at your fingertips:

  • Convenient and Easy-to-Use: Most study Bibles do not include timelines and when they do the timelines are stored in the back making them difficult to reference. Enjoy having this slim line pamphlet that can easily be pulled out and conveniently referenced (without having to flip back and forth). Easily fits in most Bible covers
  • Side-by-Side Timelines of Bible, World, and Middle East History. Enjoy not only seeing the sequence of key Bible events, but easily find out what was going on in world history at the same time. Includes 3 side-by-side timelines. This is a great way to get a handle of all key event in the Bible while seeing key background information at a glance.
  • Easy-to-Read. Includes larger print and features full-color pictures, including a photograph of the ruins at Jericho, a Tabernacle cutaway, and more!
  • Loaded with fascinating facts that will add depth to any Bible study, such as: The first Olympic games in Greece were at the time of Jonah in the Old Testament.

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Bible Timeline see inside 

“This resource contains a wealth of information in a very concise format. It can be placed within most Bible covers so it is always available during study or when teaching. The quality of the printing and the images selected are very pleasing to the eye. Best of all, the information included is very robust .” —Dwight Enfield, Customer Review on Amazon


“Very easy to follow. All the primary people are represented and the additional history was informative. I have already used it in my studies.”— Madue222,verified customer review on Amazon


“It is succinct, colorful, and easy-to-follow. It helps a person studying the Bible, put things in context.”— Agnes E. Conway, customer review on Amazon

Bible Timeline is an excellent companion for Bible reading plans, individual and group Bible studies, or to use as a quick reference book whenever you need it. Save 75% when you order it today.

Find Out Fascinating Facts That Will Add Depth to Your Bible Study:

You already know that it’s important to know the background and historical context of the Bible. But, since the Bible was written over thousands of years (and its books are not in chronological order), this can be difficult to do. Enjoy seeing key information at a glance as you compare Bible and world history side-by-side!
Old Testament Events

  • The first recorded Olympic game in Greece was held during the time of Jonah.
  • Daniel lived in Babylon at the same time Confucius was in China and Buddha was in India.
  • The Greek historian Homer lived during the time of Isaiah, Amos, and Micah.

New Testament Events

  • Mt. Vesuvius erupted and buried the city of Pompeii just 50 years after Jesus’ death and resurrection. The apostle John probably would have known about it.
  • When Paul was taken to Rome, he didn’t see the Colosseum. It was built 4 years after his death.

Gospel Pamphlet
Hurry! Save 75%! Get Rose’s Bestselling Bible Timeline Pamphlet for just 99¢ (Reg. $3.99)

Easily Cover 300 Key People and Events Throughout Bible and World History

  • Basic Bible Information, including when each of the Books of the Bible occurred and the ruling dates of all major kings and prophets.
  • Lists key Bible events such as the establishment of the Abrahamic Covenant, the First Passover, the Tabernacle, the Ten Commandments, the building of the Temple, the birth of John the Baptist, and more!
  • World events such as the emergence of writing forms, the Iron Age, the Trojan war, the founding of Rome, the birth of Buddha, Alexander the Great’s conquests, Cleopatra’s rule, the building of the Egyptian pyramids, and literally dozens of other historical facts.
“While many Bibles have time lines, many don’t, and this time line chart is better than most. This beautifully made product can be passed around and shared with others as well. I buy them by the dozen and give them as gifts to friends.” — J. Lawson, verified Amazon customer review

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Bible Timeline



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