Did You Know There are 2 Prodigal Sons?

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Many believers read the Prodigal Son Parable and think the story is primarily about the younger brother—but is it? Enjoy digging even deeper into this parable and its application with Rose’s NEW Prodigal Pamphlet.
Featuring simple summaries, comparison charts, and thought-provoking questions, this Bible study pamphlet provides an easy-to-understand overview of the parable and reveals practical ways to develop a heart of compassion towards the prodigals in our own lives! Easily compare the actions of the reckless younger brother, the self-righteous older brother, and even the extravagantly loving father— and discover fascinating facts that reveal not 1…but 3 possible prodigals in the story! Perfect for personal or group studies.

Enjoy Having a Simple Overview and Reflection Questions:

    • A simple overview of the entire story alongside key background information. Find out why working with pigs was especially humiliating to a Jewish man, why Jesus’ original audience found this parable to be shocking, and more.
    • Simple summaries and 3 quick-reference charts that show key information at glance! Easily compare the thoughts and actions of each character side-by-side.


“It is colorful, well organized, and extremely well written. This pamphlet is sure to be an asset for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this great parable. Rose really hit the mark with this publication. “— Robert Bock, Rose Review
“I am personally dealing with a situation with the child who strayed. This is a useful tool with questions to ponder. The five prayers are excellent. They would be very useful to parents who are hurting. “— Ann Sanger, Rose Review

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FREE eChart: 2 Prodigal Sons

From the reckless younger brother to the self-righteous older brother, see how BOTH brothers show rebellious attitudes!

Share this printable eChart with your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
In this week’s eChart, easily see how BOTH brothers show rebellious attitudes and find out what we can learn from each of them. Packed with simple summaries and a helpful quick-reference chart, easily dig deeper into each son’s actions, thoughts, and behaviors. Plus, see how the older son’s mindset reflects the hardened heart of the Israel at different times throughout the Bible. Download it for FREE today!
This eChart is just 2 pages out of Rose’s NEW Prodigal Son Pamphlet, an easy-to-understand pamphlet that features an in-depth overview as well as practical life applications! Get it today for just $2.67 while supplies still last.


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Save 33% on NEW Prodigal Son Pamphlet



Parable of the Prodigal Son Pamphlet

NEW Prodigal Son Pamphlet for 33% OFF
Packed with engaging commentary, fascinating facts, and reflection questions, this easy-to-understand Bible Study pamphlet digs deeper into the beloved Parable of the Prodigal Son. Enjoy compelling life applications and relevant lessons on grace, anger, and compassion as you get a close up look at the younger brother, older brother, and father. Perfect for individual study, small groups, discipleship, or to encourage a friend who is struggling with a prodigal in their own lives.

  • Helpful life application tips and advice, including prayers and psalms that will help you:
    • Show Christ-like forgiveness and grace in all relationships
    • Live out the grace the loving father showed to his sons
    • Avoid being overwhelmed with anger and hurt and be willing to embrace our prodigals

More Info

“Importantly, the pamphlet reminds us about God’s grace and Jesus’ invitation to us to extend that same grace. You’ll also find “helps” that bring comfort. There are suggested psalms to be read and a prayer for those who are lost.”
— John March, Pastoral Counselor
“Rather than focus on the prodigal son only, this pamphlet analyzes all three characters and their actions in an easy to follow study…It is a quick and basic study that gives a good message with lots of sound advice. “
— Randy Brown, Blogger for BibleBuyingGuide
“Key issues are tackled from the story. The overview is clear, concise, and yet comprehensive in application and consideration of Christ’s audience. Overall, this is a pamphlet that will bring both challenge and comfort.”
—Micah Hackett, Rose Review

Find out Fascinating Facts and Key Background Information:

    • Pigs were considered the most unclean animals in Jewish culture. Therefore, when the prodigal longed for pig food, it shows he hit rock bottom.
    • The prodigal son’s request for his “share of the estate” was not just a desire for independence, but a sign of disrespect since family property was usually given after the father’s death.
    • “Prodigal” is from a Latin word meaning a person who is “wasteful.” See how this applies to ALL three characters in the story.


Perfect For—

  • Personal Use (Individual Study or Quick-Reference)
  • Small Group Studies (Stand-alone study or use it to add depth to any New Testament study)
  • New Believer’s Classes
  • Discipleship or Christian Counseling (Especially for Those With Prodigal Children)
  • Youth Ministries, Prison Ministries, Evangelism Outreach, and more!

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