Fifty Shades or Old Fashioned Dating?

Film viewers actually have TWO choices this Valentine’s Day. Next to the notorious novel-turned-film showcasing an abusive and violent relationship masquerading as modern romance, the indie film Old Fashioned follows the unusual and quirky love story between a former frat boy and a free-spirited woman in an unconventional sense… he believes you can learn more about a person in a job interview than a date, throwing the small town into bewilderment as they egg on the relationship between this unlikely pair.

Today’s Dating Scene

It’s 2015: so much has changed in regards to courtship and dating. Online dating, dating apps, and casual dating have replaced courtship and meeting your spouse through mutual friends. The world is evolving and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it… but we can always decide how we manage our decisions and relationships.

100 Things to Know When Dating

The new and updated 100 Things to Know When Dating takes another look at romance in the believer’s life, relevant to the modern lifestyle, addressing social media, online dating, and texting. Can you answer these 100 MUST-KNOW facts about the person you’re considering marriage to? Packed full of statistics, quizzes, Scripture, and questions, 100 Things to Know When Dating can get you and your significant other off to a good start prayerfully and in a godly manner.
Avoid the big mistakes. Many of us have been through the gauntlet of a bad relationship in our younger years when, well, we just didn’t know any better! We’re here to help you avoid some of those potholes in the road of life. There are telling signs of a person that is unstable and not quite a match for your marriage, let alone a serious relationship. Let these helpful tips steer you clear from avoidable pain. Also useful to help those of us prepare for dating if we’re unsure that we’re ready.
Great for singles, 100 Things to Know When Dating is a fantastic way to equip your adult children and the searching singles in your community with biblical guidance and wisdom all in one eye-catching 14-page pamphlet. This is not your typical dating manual teaching young adults to grow disillusioned with their options, nor is it a saccharine tract to teach young girls to look for Prince Charming. Practical, real, and full of hope, 100 Things to Know When Dating asks genuine and necessary questions to facilitate healthy and biblical views of dating. You can keep these in your Bible cover, in your car, at your desk, or in your purse to hand out to anyone asking you for relationship advice and they can walk away feeling empowered and confident in the Lord’s guidance.
Also considers single parents. Advice for single parents looking for a healthy relationship is few and far in between. Find an entire page dedicated to guiding you and your children through the process of dating.
This pamphlet is more than a road map to steer the modern Christian through the minefield of broken relationships. It’s a sign that there’s still hope for wholesome and healing relationships to be made with Christ at the center. Let’s be the generation that redefines the name “Christian” this Valentine’s Day.

What are some godly dating tips you would give seeking singles in your community?



2 Thoughts on “Fifty Shades or Old Fashioned Dating?

  1. Someone that loves the Lord and prays! Marry your best friend. 🙂

  2. Someone that loves the Lord and prays! Marry your best friend. 🙂

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