Top 5 websites that will help you study the Bible


One of the reasons why people stop reading the Bible is because they find it difficult to understand.

So, we asked our Rose Staff (most of us are active church leaders, pastors, and teachers) to share their favorite Bible websites that helps them dig deeper into the Word. There are many incredible websites out there–here are some of our top picks (in no particular order).*

This easy-to-use Bible website gives you all the tools you might need for sermon preparation, Bible study guides and personal Bible reading times. Users rave over the easy-to-use Concordance tool, where you can see all the places that the same word was used in the Bible, making word studies a breeze. This Bible website also provides clear tutorial videos that show you exactly how to navigate their Bible study tools.

“Studying the Bible with helpful resources like Blue Letter Bible allows me to study the original text and context of every story and letter in the Bible. It’s so great to dive deeper and be refreshed by studying His Word!”
–Amy Grace Bautista, Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator

Most of our staff didn’t even look up from their computer screens as they immediately recommended, “Bible Gateway.” With more than 180 different versions of the Bible in more than 70 languages from English to Swahili, this Bible site offers an array of Bible study tools. For lay leaders looking to enhance their Bible study to the experienced pastor needing help in sermon planning, this Bible website will give you the resources you need.

“I love Bible Gateway because it shows parallel translations so you can see the differences in one screen. It’s also great for looking up multiple verses and saves so much time!”
–Jessica Curiel, Administrative Editor
With 1,000’s of sermons, commentaries, and parallel translations, gives pastors, Christian leaders and Bible fans all you could want for quick lesson planning and resources for Bible study. Users love access to the library of classic and modern sermons, as well as the ability to cross-reference in a fast and convenient way.

“I like that Bible Hub is an easy to use site that provides you with a variety of Bible versions. This is very helpful! They also provide colorful slides that can be used in study groups.”
–Gene Jackson, Operations Manager

This site “doesn’t get enough love,” said one of our staff, who emphasized how helpful Got Questions has been to her Christian life. This simple, user-friendly Bible website is great for Christians at all levels of learning, and really does fulfill its slogan: “The Bible has answers. We’ll help you find them.”

“This website is a really good one that doesn’t get enough love. It’s a Q&A site that gives really good, solid Biblical answers to anything you want to know.”
—Heather Garcia, Lead Customer Service Rep

An online Bible with so much more, Lumina has study material conveniently placed next to the Scriptures in a two-page layout. Its Greek and Hebrew text is a great Bible tool to see the Word of God in its original language and compare with the open English translation.

“I use the Greek and Hebrew text for sermon prep, but more than that, I just love seeing the original languages next to the English version. Not to sound sentimental, but the texts are a beautiful reminder to how far the Word of God has come and how lucky we are to have it today.”
–Julie Ahn, Marketing Associate

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*This post reflects the opinion of some of the Rose staff, but is not an official endorsement by Rose Publishing.

What are your thoughts on our list? Did we leave out one of your favorite websites? Feel free to share and respond below.




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  6. I’ve been trying to get closer to Christ but I don’t understand the Bible that well. Your advice to use a website with study guides is very helpful. I’ll start looking into Bible study guides and different websites when I get home.

  7. I have been trying to get into the bible more and understand it deeper. I think that a couple of these websites would be good for going deeper into the text. Next time I am doing my bible study, I’ll have to look at these sites as a companion.

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