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Congratulations 2017 30-Day Bible Plan Readers!

Congratulations, warrior in the Word! You’ve finished the 2017 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge. Whether you had a perfect score with not-a-day missed or you played catch-up, we’d like to present this certificate to celebrate your amazing achievement. But this reached goal isn’t just a check off the list, or a trophy on your shelf– it’s Continue Reading

Build Your Own Bible Reference Library

Studying the Bible is a life-long investment that will add depth to your life, enable you to love and serve others, help you find peace in times of trouble, and experience God like never before. Think of it like any other training or education you need to get through life, whether it’s learning to read, Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Bible Reading Plan!

Bible Reading Plan for New Believers and Christians

Most people get confused when they try to read straight through the Bible. That’s because nobody ever told them one very important fact. Here it is: The story of the Bible doesn’t begin in Genesis and then continue chronologically and sequentially through each of the sixty-six books all the way to the last page of Continue Reading

3 Do’s and Don’ts of Bible Study

3 Do's and Don'ts of Bible Study

Welcome to the start of our 2017 30-Day Bible Challenge! We’re so glad you can join us for our very first set of tips to get you started on your year-long Bible reading habit. 🙂 Have you ever wondered why so many people read the Bible differently? For instance, some people think Jesus asked his Continue Reading

What Bible Translation is Right for You?

With more than 50 versions of the Bible, how do you know which translation is the “best” for you and those you teach? You and your church members share a bond with your Bibles, a relationship even with its familiar pages and highlighted passages. But with so many other types of Bibles, you may wonder Continue Reading

What do Americans really think about the Bible?

As someone who teaches others how to study the Bible, you may find these recent Bible trends both encouraging (88% of Americans own a Bible) and not-so-encouraging (Just 26% read their Bible on a daily basis). Here are some fascinating Bible statistics on American attitudes and habits on the the best-selling book of all time. Continue Reading

Top 5 websites that will help you study the Bible

One of the reasons why people stop reading the Bible is because they find it difficult to understand. So, we asked our Rose Staff (most of us are active church leaders, pastors, and teachers) to share their favorite Bible websites that helps them dig deeper into the Word. There are many incredible websites out there–here Continue Reading

5 Tips To Help you Stick to a Bible Reading Plan

Whether you want to read the Bible more or help others learn how to–these tips are an easy and practical way to develop a daily Bible reading time that will stick all year long. Here are tips to help you (and those you teach): Share these tips with your church, family and friends by sending Continue Reading