July PowerPoint BlowOut Sale!!

PowerPoint® Blowout Sale

PowerPoint® Blowout Sale!

Save 50% This Week Only! Get New Testament PowerPoint® presentations for just $19.99! These bestselling presentations are ready-to-use, easy-to-read, and packed with full-color pictures! Hurry! At this low price, we will sell out. ORDER NOW to save $19.99.

“I find Rose PowerPoint® presentations to be true to the Word of God, very accurate, informative, and easy to understand…They are truly outstanding.”— Norm Wood, Adult Bible Teacher, First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA

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What the Bible Says About Forgiveness PowerPoint®

What the Bible Says About Forgiveness PowerPoint®

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

When someone has hurt you, how should you respond? Should you deny it? Ignore it? Get even? Give up? God’s Word says to forgive. Offering forgiveness is often easier said than done and knowing how to gently encourage others to show forgiveness can be difficult too. Compassionate in its approach, rich with scripture, and packed with stunning graphics, this ready-to-use PowerPoint® explains our need for forgiveness—and our call to forgive.

Get a clear overview of key scriptures, stories, and principles from the Bible on forgiveness and get practical advice on how to answer essential questions, such as: Why should I forgive? How can I forgive? and How can I get rid of my anger?

With more than 100 ready-to-use slides, this NEW PowerPoint® presentation—

Perfect for small groups; women and men’s Bible studies; new believers’ classes; and divorce, addiction, and abuse recovery groups. Includes printable worksheets and handouts.

DID YOU KNOW? According to a recent non-profit study, 90% of Americans desire to see more forgiveness and 62% say they need more forgiveness in their own lives. Give them practical steps on how to forgive with this incredible PowerPoint.

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What the Bible Says About Money PowerPoint®

What the Bible Says About Money PowerPoint®

Includes Over 100 Bible Verses on Money!

There are many myths, misunderstandings, and questions about money within the church today. With so many opinions out there, many believers are left wondering, What does the Bible actually say about money?

Get a solid overview of the Bible’s teachings about money, finances, stewardship and possessions with this ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation. Discover dozens of God’s promises about money and use its handy charts on the Do’s and Don’ts of Money to make this topic simple and easy to understand. Perfect for group Bible study, new believers’ class, financial counseling, sermons on stewardship, and more!


  • How to use your money in a way that pleases God. (Includes 35 Do’s and Don’ts)
  • 30 proverbs on money (Covers debt, stinginess, honesty in business, and more!)
  • Why we should give? (Explains 6 key reasons)
  • Money’s False Promises vs. the Bible’s Promises

“This is a very well laid out study of the topic of money. Both the visual presentation and the actual content is excellent. Rose has pulled together virtually ever single passage in the Bible that deals with money, wealth, riches, poverty, warnings and giving and organized it into this great teaching or preaching resource. I highly recommend it!” — Paul Dare, church leader and Rose reviewer

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Lord’s Supper PowerPoint®

Lord's Supper PowerPoint®

You (and those you teach) already know that the Lord’s Supper is important. But, why? Why does it matter?And how can you make sure it doesn’t become just a routine? With this ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation, discover the meaning, significance, and various views on the Lord’s Supper.

  • Easily cover the basics of what the Lord’s Supper is, how it relates to Passover, and why Christians should celebrate it today.
  • Find out what Jesus said, what Paul taught, how the early church celebrated it, and common themes/practices.
  • Quickly compare the major views of communion—including what practices Christians agree on and disagree on. Provides a comparison chart.

  • Enjoy dozens of fascinating facts: Did you know that some people accused the early church of practicing cannibalism (eating human flesh) when they found out about the practices of communion? Click here to find out more.

Perfect for group Bible studies, New Believers’ Classes, Sunday School, Sermons on the Lord’s Supper, and more. Includes printable handout and worksheets.

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Who I am in Christ PowerPoint®

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Who I am in Christ PowerPoint®

When you became a follower of Christ, you became a new creation. But what does that mean? What does it mean to be a new creation in Christ Jesus?

This incredible PowerPoint® explains who we are in Christ by revealing 30 characteristics of our new identity— we went from broken to redeemed, from dead in sin to alive in him, and so much more! For each characteristic, it gives a 2-3 bullet point explanation and several key Bible references! This encouraging PowerPoint® is fantastic for personal use, devotions, Group Bible Studies, discipleship, new believer’s classes, recovery groups, hospital work, and more.

Experience the peace and joy that comes from deepening your understanding of your new identity in Christ.

  • You are Beloved
  • You are Alive
  • You are Chosen
  • You are Redeemed
  • You are a citizen of heaven
  • …and so much more

Plus, discover the 6 keys to understanding who God created you to be and find out what it means to be made in the “image of God.” Includes printable handout and worksheets!

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Lord’s Prayer PowerPoint®

Lord's Prayer PowerPoint®

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

You have already heard the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father in Heaven Hallowed Be Your Name. You know it was Jesus’ way of teaching his disciples how to pray. Now you can easily dig even deeper into its meaning and application with this incredible, ready-to-use PowerPoint®.

Enjoy going phrase-by-phrase through the Lord’s Prayer—as you find out what each petition means, what it reveals about God’s character, and how to practically apply its truth to our lives today (Plus, it includes fantastic insight on how to teach others to pray!)

Enjoy having—

  • A clear explanation of each of the 7 phrases/petitions—explaining its meaning, what it reveals about God’s attributes, related scriptures, and life application steps.
  • Covers important topics, such as 7 of God’s attributes and how they are reflected in the Lord’s Prayer (covers his love, holiness, sovereignty, mercy, protection, and more!)
  • Insight into the 6 powerful reasons to forgive, the 3 main purposes of prayer, and the importance of submitting our will to God’s will.

Find out the significance of calling God “Father,” see how it encourages us to place God first, and discover what it says about surrendering our needs and the needs of others into God’s hands.

Includes printable handouts and over 50 slides! Perfect for group Bible study!

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Islam and Christianity PowerPoint®

Isalm and Christianity PowerPoint®

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

More than one billion people around the world follow the teachings of Muhammad and Islam. This ready-to-use Islam & Christianity PowerPoint® makes it easy to understand what Muslims believe, what Christians believe, and how to correct misunderstandings on 8 key topics, including God, holy scriptures, prophets, rituals, salvation, and more! It will also help mission-minded believers avoid common witnessing mistakes and to be more successful in sharing their faith with Muslims.

Discover what Muslims have been taught about Christianity and how to answer their questions and concerns. Find out the history of Islam (Founder, date, key events, 5 pillars of faith, and more). Easily see what Christians and Muslims believe about 8 key topics, including:

  • Salvation and paradise
  • God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
  • Key writings and scriptures
  • Prophets
  • The role of women

Includes fascinating facts! For example, a Muslim can be confused by Christian symbols, such as the cross, which is considered a military symbol to Muslims. Muslims do not believe in a savior and they believe that referring to God (Allah) as a father is unacceptable. Click here to find out why

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PowerPoint® Blowout Sale!



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