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NEW Pamphlet Flash Sale

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“Rose pamphlets are easy to read, easy to carry in our Bibles, and easy to use as basic references. Plus, I often give them as gifts!”— Karen Olson, Coordinator of Church Leaders, Fountain Valley, CA

Today Only! Save 33% on New Bible Study Pamphlets from Rose— Just $2.67 (Reg. $3.99). Perfect for individual use or group Bible study. Hurry! Offer good while supplies last. Shop now

Twelve Tribes of Israel Pamphlet

Beatitude Pamphlet

See each tribe’s symbol, meaning, history, and other fascinating facts at a glance!

From the Tribe of Levi who served in the Tabernacle to the Tribe of Judah who led the march to the promised land—each tribe has its own history, land, and heritage. Enjoy having a quick overview of each tribe at your fingertips and easily see its size, symbol, and “backstory” at a glance! Discover how God worked through the twelve tribes of Israel to fulfill his purposes throughout the Old and New Testament—especially his purpose of bringing from the tribe of Judah, Jesus! Covers the tribe of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Joseph, Benjamin, and more! Perfect for individual use and small group Bible study!

Enjoy having a clear overview of each tribe:

Features Incredible Visual Aids and Bible Study Tools, including:

  • A diagram showing the family tree of Jacob — (Easily see each tribe’s origin at a glance!)
  • Tabernacle diagram showing how each of the 12 tribes encamped around the Tabernacle.
  • Time Line showing key events, starting with Abraham’s journey from Haran
  • Easy-to-read map showing how the “promised land” was divided amongst each of the 12 tribes. The map is color-coded, so you can easily spot each tribe’s location!

12 Tribes of Israel Pamphlet

“…Everything someone needs to know about the 12 tribes of Israel, all in one handy place… [it] put the pieces of Jacob’s family together in a visually stunning way.” —Paul Dare, church leader and Rose reviewer
“Love, love, love the information on the Twelve Tribes of Israel. As a Bible study teacher this pamphlet is just what I needed as I studied the Tabernacle and the arrangement of the tribes around it. This is a splendid resource and I wish all my ladies had a copy.” —Ann Sanger, Bible study leader and Rose Reviewer

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Hebrews Pamphlet

Hebrews Pamphlet

Enjoy having a solid, easy-to-understand overview of the entire book of Hebrews!

With so many Old Testament practices and promises mentioned throughout the Bible, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of how Jesus fulfilled them all. Now you can easily discover the 5 keys ways Jesus is superior to the Old Covenant with this easy-to-understand overview of Hebrews. Easily see how Christ is superior to Old Testament priests, sacrifices, the tabernacle, and even leaders, such as Moses, with this pamphlet’s helpful comparison charts. Find out how the early church withstood intense persecution and experience the peace that comes from recognizing Jesus’ power and authority! Perfect for individual or group Bible studies.

Packed with section-by-section commentary, quick-reference charts, and simple summaries, it covers:

“This is an excellent, concise and insightful presentation of how Jesus the Messiah fulfilled the Older Covenant teaching and promise made to His people Israel.”
—Wayne Newcomb, Retired Pastor, Church Leader, and Team Rose Representative

“”It’s concise and covers a great deal of information. It not only provides a good overview of the book of Hebrews, but it also provides some background history and comparative charts. This is a good study that can be used for personal study, group study, and sermon-prep. It’s well-written and easy to follow.”
— Randy Brown, founder and blogger for Bible Buying Guide

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Believer’s Baptism Pamphlet

Believer's Baptism Pamphlet

Packed with scriptures and easy-to-understand explanations, this basic overview of baptism covers what baptism means, explains why believers should be baptized, and answers over 10 common questions about believer’s baptism, including does baptism save me? Why was Jesus baptized? and more!

Find out why baptism is included in the Great Commission, why the presence of water is important and what it means to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, a New Believers’ class, baptism gift, and pre-baptism classes.

Enjoy having this clear overview on baptism, covering:

Perfect for individual use and group Bible studies. (Suitable for churches that practice believer’s baptism only AND churches that practice both infant and believer’s baptism).

Baptism Pamphlet

“This is an excellent resource, especially for a new follower of Christ that is asking questions and considering the ordinance of Baptism. Rose lays out all of the important keys to understanding Baptism…I highly recommend every Pastor keep a handful of these fold-outs on his desk to give new converts.”— Paul Dare, teacher and elder at Plymouth Baptist Church, MI

“This pamphlet on baptism meets a great need for each believer to understand the importance and significance of baptism.”—Wayne Newcomb, Retired Pastor, Church Leader, and Team Rose Representative

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NEW Pamphlet Flash Sale
Save 33% Today Only!

Hurry! FOR TODAY ONLY! Save 33% on these incredible New Bible Study Pamphlets —Just $2.67 when you buy 10 or more (mix and match okay)! Offer good while supplies last! Get them while they’re still in stock!

NEW Pamphlet Flash Sale!



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