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You already know that trusting in God is important—for you (and for those you teach). So, the question is not should you trust in God, the question is HOW?

How can I trust in God when everything seems to be going wrong?
How can I know he’s really there?

The life of Joseph answers these very questions. It reveals how God can bring good out of any situation (even a bad one) and it explains the meaning behind suffering.
Get a close-up look at Joseph’s entire life with this fantastic Bible study pamphlet. Learn how to trust in God’s faithfulness, hang onto hope, and forgive the un-forgiveable — as you look closely at Joseph’s journey from being a favorite son to a foreign slave…and his rise from a forgotten prisoner to a favored ruler. Enjoy having—


    • Incredible visual aids, including a time line of 19 key people and events, a map of the journeys of Jacob and Joseph, and a full-color diagram of Joseph’s family tree.


    • Handy charts showing key information at a glance about Joseph’s life, dream interpretation, and more.


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FREE eChart: Life of Joseph


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Enjoy learning about Joseph and his God-given ability to interpret dreams with this week’s FREE eChart. Find out the meaning of the cupbearer, baker and Pharaoh’s dreams at a glance and discover the significance of dream interpretation in ancient Egypt. Reflect on how God uses the situations in Joseph’s life to grow him and learn how to practically apply key lessons to your own life. It includes helpful life-application questions to help you personally connect to the story.
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Save 75%! Get the Life of Joseph Pamphlet for just 99¢


Life of Joseph Pamphlet

Life of Joseph Pamphlet for 75% OFF
Is God really in charge? Where is he when everything goes wrong? The life of Joseph shows how God can take misfortune and turn it into great good. It helps us see meaning in suffering and aids us in our own journey toward wisdom. Packed with simple summaries, interesting insights, and helpful visual aids, this pamphlet is a great overview of the life of Joseph. Plus, it includes 10 relevant life-application questions to help you practically apply its lessons to your life. Perfect for individual use or group Bible study.
Includes section-by-section commentary on Joseph’s complete story (From Gen. 12-Gen. 50). Covers 15 key events, including Joseph being—

  • Excessively favored by his father and hated by his 10 older brothers
  • Thrown into a pit and sold into slavery
  • Falsely accused and imprisoned
  • Forgotten in jail by people who owed him a favor
  • Promoted to ruler over Egypt
  • Reconciled to his family who once betrayed him.

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Features Incredible Visuals Aids—


    • A map of the journeys of Jacob and Joseph, from Gilead to Egypt.


    • Joseph’s family tree, from Abraham to the twelve sons of Israel



      • Side-by-side comparison charts of the dreams Joseph interpreted (cupbearer’s, baker’s, and Pharoah’s dreams).


    • Easy-to-follow chart highlighting the key life events of Joseph, Jacob, Joseph’s brothers, and Judah. Shows how God was working in their lives to ultimately bring about the promised Messiah.

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