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PowerPoint® Blowout Sale!
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“I find Rose PowerPoint® presentations to be true to the Word of God, very accurate, informative, and easy to understand…They are truly outstanding.”
— Norm Wood, Adult Bible Teacher, First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA

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Palm Sunday to Easter PowerPoint®

Palm Sunday to Easter PowerPoint®
In just a few weeks, you (and your students) will be celebrating Easter! Enjoy having simple summaries, pictures, and charts that visually take you day-by day through the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.
From Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem to his glorious resurrection, Jesus fulfilled over 22 Old Testament prophecies during this one week of his ministry alone. Easily cover all the key events, prophecies, and teachings leading up to Easter with this ready-to-use PowerPoint®.

    • Covers all major events including: Palm Sunday, Jesus’ Cleansing of the Temple, The Last Supper, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Trial, Crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


    • Features over 150 full-color pictures and incredible visuals:
      • Full-color map of the Holy Land during the time of Jesus



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Christ in the Passover PowerPoint®

Christ in the Passover PowerPoint® With Passover and Easter coming up, now’s the perfect time to dig deeper into the Jewish roots of Christianity.
From the spotless Passover lamb to the “pierced and striped” matzo bread—every practice and custom of Passover points to Jesus Christ. Passover is an important holiday that commemorates God’s miraculous rescue of Israel from Egyptian slavery. It is also important to believers today, reminding us of our miraculous rescue from sin through Jesus Christ. Easily see the meaning, significance, and symbolism of Passover with this ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation packed with incredible visual tools and simple summaries.


    • Explains the parallels between the Passover in the Old Testament and the work of Jesus Christ as the perfect Passover lamb and Great High Priest.



  • Provides a step-by-step guide to celebrating a Christian Seder (includes recipes). It can be used at home, in a small group, a Bible study, or a class. It is a great way for believers to prepare their hearts for Easter!

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Evidence for the Resurrection PowerPoint®

Evidence for the Resurrection PowerPoint®
As a Christian, you believe Jesus rose from the grave, but how do you respond to those who aren’t so sure— what do you say to those who ask: What if it is all made up?
This ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation answers common questions that skeptics and new believers ask about the resurrection of Jesus. It provides clear, logical, and easy-to-understand answers, referencing key scripture verses, historical Church documents, and ancient archaeology records.
It responds to 11 common claims and questions, including—

  • Did Jesus even exist?
  • How do we know he was crucified?
  • How do we know that Jesus’ followers didn’t just make it all up?
  • Was the physical resurrection of Jesus an important teaching of the early Church?

Includes printable handouts, over 120 slide frames, and 40 colorful illustrations.

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The Easter Story PowerPoint®

The Easter Story PowerPoint®
Celebrate and reflect on the true meaning of Easter with this incredible visual aid!
Using the much-loved King James text, stunning graphics, and simple overviews, this incredible PowerPoint® presentation takes a close look at Jesus’ death and resurrection. From the Lord’s Supper to Jesus’ glorious ascension, this Powerpoint® will help you share the timeless story of Easter by covering over 20 major events of Jesus’ life and death, and it highlights the Old Testament prophecies he fulfilled. It’s easy to follow, easy to understand, and perfect to use as a visual aid for you (and those you teach).

    • Provides simple summaries of over 20 major events and key scripture verses from all 4 gospels— covering Jesus’ Last Week, the Lord’s Supper, Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter’s denial of Jesus, Jesus’ death, resurrection, and his ascension.


    • Includes a simple explanation and prayer on how to enter into a personal relationship with Christ and what that truly means.



    • Offers more than 100 slides, printable worksheets, and the salvation prayer


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Names of Jesus PowerPoint®

Names of Jesus PowerPoint®
This ready-to-use PowerPoint® covers the 50 names of Jesus along with the meaning of each name, insights into his character, Scripture references from both the Old and New Testament, and more! Knowing and understanding the names of Jesus will enrich your time of personal devotion and prayer.

    • Easy-to-understand explanations of the 50 names of Jesus, covering their meaning, reference, insights, and more:
      • King of Kings
      • Good Shepherd
      • Chief Cornerstone
      • Wonderful Counselor
      • High Priest



250+ slides; printable handout; auto-run continuous loop (perfect for worship services/devotion); or you can control the timing.
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Temple PowerPoint®

Temple Powerpoint®
The Temple was important during Jesus’ time and still holds incredible meaning for Christians today. Find out how and why God established the Temple with this ready-to-use PowerPoint.
Packed with cut-away pictures of the The Temple, this stunning PowerPoint® presentation covers all you need to know about this cornerstone topic—its history, its symbolism, its role in key Bible stories, and its meaning to us today.

    • Includes full-color illustrations (drawn to Bible measurements) that explain all of the important features: The Ark of the Covenant, the veil, the Holy Place, the Most Holy Place, the bronze pillars, the Bronze Altar, and the cherubim


    • Provides simple summaries and key scriptures on—
      • The Tabernacle and the building of the first Temple
      • The parts of the Temple and how they point to Christ
      • History of the Temple (including Zerubbabel’s, Herod’s, and the Temple today)
      • Jesus and the first Christians at the Temple— covers Jesus’ teaching, miracles, and other key events which occurred at the Temple.


  • Gives fascinating facts, such as “The bronze basin in the Temple held more than 10,000 gallons of water” and “It took over 150,000 carriers and stonecutters to complete Solomon’s Temple in 7 years.”

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Did You Know?
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Easter PowerPoint® Blowout Sale!



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