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Special Alert: The Feast of Lots (Purim) is only a few weeks away! Purim is more than just a “Jewish Holiday” celebrating the story of Esther. It is an encouraging reminder of God’s faithfulness, protection, and grace towards us all. It is a feast set up by God “for all people for all time.” With this holiday just a few weeks away, now’s the perfect time to take a close-up look at the story of Esther with this fantastic Bible study pamphlet.

    • Background on the biblical feast of Purim and summary of Esther’s entire story


    • Historical and cultural background on the Book of Esther, such as why the Jews were in Persia.


    • Life application questions to make the story personally relevant. Perfect for those wondering: Where is God when things go wrong?


  • Full-color map of Persia and 6 comparison charts, covering topics such as God’s sovereignty, the symbolism of each banquet, and life lessons we can learned from each key character (Xerxes, Esther, Haman, and Mordecai)!
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FREE eChart: Esther and Ancient Persia


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This week’s FREE eChart is packed with fascinating facts and cultural insights on the Book of Esther and Persia. Enjoy seeing a full-color map of ancient Persia, learning about King Xerxes, and discovering why the Jews were in Persia during that time. Get key background information at a glance!
This is just 2 pages from the Esther Bible study pamphlet, a full-color pamphlet that provides commentary on the entire story of Esther along with cultural insights and personal reflection questions. Get the entire pamphlet for JUST 99¢ Today Only!
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from is appreciated!

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Esther Pamphlet

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Esther’s story asks the important question: Where is God when things go wrong? It’s easy to characterize Queen Esther as the lucky orphan girl who won the heart of the king. But in reality, she was a young woman with a tragic background. The Esther pamphlet gives an outstanding close-up look at this fascinating Bible story of hope, deliverance, and providence. Perfect for individual use or group study.



    • Genealogy and background of each key character


    • Historical and cultural background on the Book of Esther, such as why the Jews were in Persia during that time.


    • Easy-to-understand explanation of the Feasts of Lots (Purim)


See Inside

Features Incredible Visual Aids—

    • Map of Persia and the entire Middle East at the Time of King Xerxes


    • Quick-reference sidebars on Susa, King Xerxes, and Purim— shows tons of information at a glance.


  • 6 comparison charts, showing:
    • Key world event in Israel, Greece, Egypt, and China during Esther’s time
    • Symbolism of each banquet
    • Personality traits of each character (King Xerxes, Mordecai, Esther, and Haman) and the key lesson we can learn from them.
    • Human choice versus God’s sovereignty
    • AND MORE!

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