From the Pit to the Stage

Here and there we receive your wonderful stories about how your lives have been changed by God’s grace and providence. Today, we received this powerful testimony from Barbara about her struggle and eventual triumph over the brokenness she suffered from divorce. We hope this encourages you as much as it inspired us!:
Hello my name is Barbara and I am 64 years old. In 2009 my life was change forever because of a sudden divorce. I knew we were having some problems with communication but I never that my husband wanted a divorce. I had been faithful to him for 40 years and we had just celebrated our anniversary a few months before in Atlanta, GA. My husband and I were in ministry together for over 36 years and God had bless both of us.
I was shocked the day that he calmly announced that he was leaving the bedroom and he handed me his wedding ban. He moved out in January of 2010 and left me with only 500.00 dollars. The light and gas bill came due and I had to ask people that I knew to help me because he refuse to support me any longer. The job that I had was terminated by him because I worked at the church. He became so emotionally abusive that I had to stop all contact with him. It was the worst thing I had ever been through.
I suffered from depression and I attempted to commit suicide and was hospitalize because I believe that I could make it without him. I had never been on my own and I didn’t know what to do. My adopted daughter came to my house and said Mom God told me to get you enrolled back in college. I felt like she had lost her mind and I was not going. But after a few words with her she drove me there and got me registered.
I enrolled in a 2 year Human Service Program which encouraged me to seek counseling. I then was able to get a part time job at a Domestic Violence Shelter. I graduated in 2012 with Honors and now I have a full time position. I was able to find a wonderful church and I am ministering again. I thought I had lost everything while I lost him, but I gain a deeper relationship with God and I am allowing God to finish the work he started in me.
I found out 2 years later that he had a affair with someone in our church so then I had to forgive him for that and well as other things, But my God has been so faithful to me and I will always thank him for loving me. God spoke things to me when I was in this crisis. He said that he was with me and that He would cause men to give unto me. God has kept his word and I had to keep mine not to become bitter.
God’s grace is enough for me. I just want women to know that God will see you through your storm if you trust. Today I have made my Mess my Ministry, and I have purchased the DVD series Live Again Wholeness After Divorce, to show in my home to help women who are hurting due to divorce.
Thank you and may God Bless
If you’ve got a story or testimony for us, feel free to send it to raechel[at] and we may ask you to share it on our blog! (Note: we will always reply asking for permission before sharing any of your emails.)



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