5 Gift Ideas for Your Pastor During COVID

5 Gift Ideas for Your Pastor During COVID 2020 has been a difficult year for us all, especially for our churches. Now with online meetings and video conferences becoming the new norm, church attendance numbers have reached an all-time low. Though many churches have switched to online fellowship, still thousands have had to shut down Continue Reading

Calling All Reviewers and Bloggers!

Hi Friends! We wanted to take some time to invite you to our Reviewer Program and share the perks with you! The following titles from the Hendrickson Publishing Group 2020 fall season are available for review! Check out these brand new books from Hendrickson and Rose, then let us know which ones (no more than three) Continue Reading

Free “I Am the Way” Bible Study

Free “I Am the Way” Bible Study Get an entire chapter for free from the I Am Rose Visual Bible Study. What are you afraid of right now? Maybe there are so many different things that cause you anxiety that it’s hard to choose just one. In John 14, Jesus speaks directly to his small group of Continue Reading

7 Verses Christians Should Think About Before They Vote

Regardless of how political you are, it’s hard to argue that this is one of the most divisive years in politics and social justice we’ve seen yet. So will this change voter turnout for 2020? Recent voter turnout has been below 60% during presidential election years and around 40% during midterm elections— this seems incredibly Continue Reading

What Happened to the Ark?

The last historical reference to the ark was when King Josiah instructed the Levites to return it to the temple (2 Chron. 35:1-6). Nothing is said about why the ark had been removed, who moved it, where it had been taken, or if it actually was brought back. Throughout the centuries, many different theories for Continue Reading

Free “Comparing Christianity to Islam” eChart

With a global pandemic and civil rights unrest affecting us all, our world is a frightening, confusing place for many who do not know Jesus. So how can we share the peace of the Gospel with friends or neighbors of different backgrounds and religions? This today’s eChart includes: Full-color charts comparing biblical Christianity and Islam Simple summaries comparing Continue Reading

14 Signs of Unhealthy vs. Healthy Caregiving

Guest post by June Hunt When caregiving is handled in an unhealthy manner, both the care receiver and the caregiver are negatively impacted. When a caregiver is rushed, pushed, harried, and overwhelmed, the care recipient feels like a burden, a hindrance, and begins to lose hope. In contrast, a caregiver who is dependable, well-rested, and Continue Reading

Free Psalm 23 eChart

ou probably already know Psalm 23, but have you ever read it in the cultural context of a first-century shepherd? This week’s free eChart will help you unpack even more meaning in one of the most beloved passages in the Bible.Perfect for both new believers and lifelong Christians alike, this week’s download will give you fresh Continue Reading

4 Short and Simple Journaling Questions to Refresh Your Faith and Purpose

Purpose Is Essential to Health and Healing By Dr. Gregory Jantz Many people hear the word purpose and think it applies only to grand, world-changing work. Not necessarily. Purpose is the unique thing we each have to offer the world, no matter how big or small. It is a matter of investing your gifts and Continue Reading

God’s Model for Fatherhood: How Christian Fathers Can Show Acceptance

Q: I’m a single father and I love my kids more than anything. They mean the world to me and I think they know it, but how can I show them that I love them unconditionally? A: The effect of a father’s approval or rejection is one of the most enduring experiences in our lives. Continue Reading

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