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Imagine having the ULTIMATE Bible timelines handbook resource—including OVER 2,600 key Bible and Christian history events! Packed with HUNDREDS of charts, diagrams, and illustrations!

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One book. 4,000 years of Bible and church history. Over 2,600 key events. Hundreds of incredible illustrations. From Abraham and Isaac to the invention of the Gutenberg Press and Martin Luther King Jr.—all packed into one amazing book!

Save 20% on Brand New Rose Deluxe Timelines book
Dozens of timelines range from solid overviews offering the big picture of Bible and church history to large, detailed timelines that fold out up to 32 inches! Fully-reproducible, Rose’s NEW Deluxe Timelines Book is perfect for individual, classroom, or group use! Get it for Just $27.99!

Imagine Having 4,000 Years of Bible & Christian History at Your Fingertips!

Featuring over 2,600 key events with HUNDREDS of charts, diagrams, summaries, and pictures— this NEW handbook features 2,000+ MORE key events than even Rose’s best-selling title, Bible Time Line— and it covers an even WIDER range of topics. Order it today and save 20%.

Dive Deep into Church and World History!

  • The Trojan War, the Egyptian pyramids, the founding of Rome, Cleopatra’s rule
  • The emergence of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Protestant Reformation, and Puritanism
  • Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

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This fully reproducible Rose Deluxe Timelines handbook is packed with OVER 2,600 key Bible events in Bible and Christian history and features illustrations, summaries, and more!

  • Illustrated and full color: These visually attractive timelines provide extra depth and reference to your Bible study experience with illustrations and photographs.
  • Easy-to-read: With bold headers, color-coding, and easy-to-see text, it’s never been easier to absorb key information at a glance.
  • All-in-one: This timeline resource is jam packed with timelines covering all the need-to-know subjects of the Old and New Testaments, Christian history, the Epistles, Bible history, and so much more!

Its visual and contemporary design make it easy to read and easy to quickly reference. Don’t Wait! Pre-order Rose’s Deluxe Timelines Book for just $27.99!

Dive Into Fascinating Facts with The Rose Deluxe Timelines Book!

Detailed Timelines That Help Put the Bible into Context

  • Book of Genesis—120+ key events & people
  • Bible Characters—Individual timelines for 8 major Bible figures
  • Life of Jesus—Life & ministry of Christ in the Gospels

Christian History Timelines That Cover Modern History

  • The Early Church—Persecution, heresies, martyrs, and more!
  • Reformation—John Wycliffe & Martin Luther to the Pilgrims & King James Bible
  • Faith in America—150+ events from the Colonial Period through the Civil War

Rose’s Deluxe Timelines is an excellent companion for Bible reading plans, individual and group Bible studies, or to use as a quick reference book whenever you need it. Save 20%! Get Rose’s NEW Deluxe Timelines Book for JUST $27.99 (Value: $34.99)

Free “Timelines of Jesus’ Ministry” eChart:

Jesus’ ministry only spanned about 3 years, but it made an unbelievable impact that changed the world forever. And in this week’s free eChart, you’ll get a 500-year overview of the before and after!

You know the incredible stories of Jesus’s healings, sermons, and miracles—but what does it look like in the greater context of Bible and World history, at the time of Emperor Tiberius and the Han Dynasty in China? Gain fresh perspective of Jesus’ ministry with this week’s free eChart! Enjoy seeing essential information about Jesus’s ministry at a glance with your free “Timelines of Jesus’ Ministry” eChart! Get color-coded and illustrated timelines with dozens of key events, people, and fascinating facts with these Bible resources:

  • Side-by-Side New Testament + World History Timeline
  • New Testament Overview Chart
  • Timeline of Jesus’ Ministry

This eChart is just 10 pages out of Rose’s Deluxe Timelines Book. Get the entire guide for just $27.99 this week only. Shop Now!

This Week Only! Pre-order Rose’s NEW Deluxe Timelines Book for JUST $27.99 (Reg. $34.99) Get it while it’s still in stock!



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