Free “Celebrating the Jewish Holiday Sukkot” eChart

The Feast of the Tabernacles, or Sukkot (Sept 20-27), is here!

What can Christians learn about Jesus from this traditionally Jewish festival that celebrates God’s provision? Easily compare Old and New Testament interpretations and observances of this incredible feast with this free download!

This week’s free eChart unpacks Scripture and provides cultural and also historical background information to help you get the most out of this time of thanksgiving. Includes:

  • Relevant scriptures from the Psalms and the Book of John
  • Quick overviews of the Jewish and New Testament observances of Sukkot (Tabernacles)
  • A helpful introduction to the Book of John
  • Informative footnotes with Hebrew translations and explanations

“Celebrating the Jewish Holiday Sukkot” eChart is just a small sample of The Complete Jewish Study Bible. Read even more about the Jewish holidays for just $24.99!

Get The Complete Jewish Study Bible
for Just $24.99

How does present-day Christianity connect with Jesus’ faith? Dive into the Jewish roots of your faith with The Complete Jewish Study Bible! Enjoy features such as Hebrew keywords and over 145 overviews, maps, and more!

You already know that understanding Jewish culture is key to studying the Bible. After all, more than half of the books of the Bible were written to a Jewish audience. That means thousands of verses reference Jewish customs.

Yet, most Bibles do not include Jewish insights. Imagine having one that does!

See a fuller picture of God’s Word with over 145 topical articles, color-coded overviews, maps, and charts about the history and culture of ancient Israel!

So, whether you use this as your main Bible or alongside other translations, it will surely deepen your understanding of God’s Word.

Easily Track Key Themes with Its Color-Coded Format

From Jewish customs to messianic prophecy, you’ll be able to easily follow 12 major themes throughout the Bible with color-coded overviews and articles.

Get more than 145 overviews and articles on key themes throughout the Bible:

  • CUSTOMS: Covenants, the Shabbat (Sabbath), Torah
  • PROPHECIES: Messianic Prophecies, Feasts of the Bible/Passover, Tabernacle, and more
  • INTERPRETATIONS: Names of God, Jew-Gentile relations, and common misreadings of the Bible
  • ADDITIONAL TOPICS: Menorah, Shi’khinah Glory, Crucifixion, Jewish thoughts on the Resurrection (and more!)

Here Are 3 Key Ways This Bible Helps You Dig Deeper

First, it’s the only English version of the Bible that dives into the Jewish background of Scripture and includes both the Old and New Testaments! In addition, it’s packed with features you can’t find in other Bibles!

Available with Thumb Indexes!

For new and practiced Bible readers, simplify your studying with valuable thumb indexes! So, you’ll be able to find your way around the Bible easily with helpful tabs noting the books of the Bible.

Thumb indexed versions are available in both the calfskin leather and flexisoft leather bindings.

Dig Even Deeper into the Bible with Charts, Maps, and More!

Second, you want more than just a surface-level reading; you want depth! And these articles and resources do just that! They shed light on key Jewish customs and Bible topics in an easy-to-understand way.


  • Hebrew pronunciation guides and glossaries
  • Maps and charts
  • Indexes
  • Scripture reading for feasts of the Bible

New Introductions for Each Book of the Bible from a Jewish Perspective

Third, every study Bible includes introductions, but most come from a non-Jewish perspective. Imagine having introductions that not only cover key information about each book, but also reveal key insights from a historically accurate Jewish perspective!

Plus, all 66 book introductions include an outline!

For example, discover incredible insights with this Bible’s:

  • Outlines for each book of the Bible
  • Footnotes at the bottom of the page
  • Unique format, which follows the Jewish order of the Old Testament books

“This is the best study Bible my husband and I have ever seen. It makes the Bible come alive and we love that it was written by messianic Jews. We learn so much more information about the Bible than we have ever read before.”

—Sharebear, Online Customer Review

“Simply Amazing. If I could give it seven stars I would. It is filled with amazing information about the Jewish culture and is presented in a very easy to read way.”

—Armando, Online Customer Review

“I love my Bible. It is my anthology of multiple Jewish resources all in one spot. I love learning the names of God and people in their original language. I also like to learn about the feasts and Biblical ordinances instituted by God. I have been recommending this Bible to multiple people…all of the people love it.”

—ragomez, Online Customer Review

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