BIG NEWS: Rose, Hendrickson, and RoseKidz are Thrilled to Join the Tyndale House Team!

We Have Some News…

Rose, Hendrickson, and RoseKidz are thrilled to join the Tyndale House team!

Get excited to see even more amazing Bible reference materials from Tyndale, packed with full-color photos, maps, in-depth commentary, and more. Shop Now.

We’re so thrilled to be able to share even more of Tyndale’s amazing Bible reference materials! Enjoy the full-color archaeological artifacts, pictures of Bible locations, in-depth maps, notes and commentary scattered throughout their products.

We love their thoughtfully made products, and we think you will too. Their books and Bibles are perfect for individual study, Bible studies, small groups, Sunday schools, classrooms, and more!

We look forward to introducing their products to you in the coming months. Stay tuned for more, and enjoy these incredible Bibles!

Enjoy These Incredible Bibles from Tyndale

Chronological Life Application Study Bible

Have you ever opened your Bible and asked: What does this passage mean and how does it apply to my life?

Beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation, this study Bible clarifies Scripture’s meaning and its practical applications with the chapters reordered based on when they happened.

This Bible includes over 1,000 full-color timelines, maps, pictures, and in-depth articles! Enjoy the Chronological Life Application Study Bible’s ongoing time line at the top of every page, as well as its unique chronological perspective!

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  • Chronological Overview of the Bible – 23 pages of in-depth textual analysis of 4000 years of history.
  • Complete Biblical Timeline – 10-page full-color timeline packed with photographs, archaeological artifacts, and more!
  • Christian Worker’s Resource – Learn how to help others in their relationship with Jesus. Perfect for any ministry or small group leader!
  • Book-by-Book Overview – Extended introductions with additional themes and a “blueprint” of each book.

NLT Illustrated Study Bible

Many people have set out to read and understand the Bible, only to put it aside in confusion and frustration. How can we “hear God speak” when his words seem so hard to understand?

This Bible helps to make studying the Bible easier with thousands of illustrations, photos, background materials, timelines, section introductions, and more.

From rich background material to impressive study notes, this Bible is a stunning visual tool for both new and experienced Bible readers.

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Each book introduction covers:

Life Application Study Bible

Finding a connection between the timeless principles in Scripture and the pressures of daily life can be hard. Easily apply the Bible to everyday life with the updated and expanded Life Application Study Bible!

Dive into God’s Word with over 10,000 life application notes and more than 500 quick-reference maps and charts, as well as Bible character profiles, vital statistics, a cross-reference system, and more.

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New features include:

Enjoy These Features in Each Tyndale Bible

Bibles Packed with Study Notes

  • Dive deep into God’s Word with thousands of in-depth notes to help you discover the truth of Scripture, understand its relevance for your life, and apply it to daily living.
  • Enjoy several kinds of explanatory notes to help you understand:
  • Cultural and historical contexts
  • Difficult-to-understand passages
  • Biblical places
  • Theological concepts
  • And more!

Incredible Visuals, Photos, Maps, and More

Visualize difficult Bible concepts and Bible characters’ relationships with hundreds of charts and diagrams! Enjoy seeing key information on important people, places, and events—AND their significance.

Plus! Dig into detailed maps scattered throughout the text and at the back of the Bibles. Each map depicts key geographical movements and key Bible locations to help you visualize important places in the Bible!

In-Depth Time Lines and Diagrams

With time lines in each Bible, easily see where you’re at in the Bible story!

Get a birds-eye view of the setting, story, and makeup of the Bible with section introductions, detailed book introductions, and more.

Stay Tuned for More! These are just a few of Tyndale’s incredible Bibles. We look forward to sharing more of their amazing Bible reference materials with you! Shop Now!



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