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Bible Activities for Easter

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Experience the joy of Easter and the gift of family with The Backward Easter Egg Hunt. It’s easy for Easter to become about brightly-colored eggs, chocolates, and baskets full of gifts. So how can you point children toward the gifts that matter most?

Join Molly and her cousins, Jacob and Sammy, as they learn important lessons about the true meaning of Easter, generosity, and the good news of Christ.

All proceeds go to Compassion International.

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Enjoy This Heartfelt Story with Vibrant Illustrations

With vivid, full-color illustrations by Drew Krevi (featured by Disney, Marvel Comics, and more), this is sure to become a holiday favorite for your entire family.

It even features practical ways for families to create their very own backward Easter egg hunt at home! The picture book is great for kids 4–7 and the board book is great for ages 1–3.

Create Precious Family Memories with The Backward Easter Egg Hunt

Reading The Backward Easter Egg Hunt will soon become a cherished tradition, focusing your family on the gifts that matter most — Jesus and the salvation he offers.

Unwrap the True Meaning of Easter

Six-year-old Molly can’t wait for Aunt Jenny’s famous, annual Easter egg hunt at Lantern Hill Farm. But something’s different this year.
Instead of hiding eggs filled with prizes, Aunt Jenny passes out empty Easter eggs!
With a specially prepared rhyming list, the children embark on a scavenger hunt to fill the empty eggs with items that remind them of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
Molly and the other children learn about the true meaning of Easter!

Enjoy This Hands-On Family Activity

Holidays are opportunities to create family traditions and memories. This book helps to make that happen.
At the back of the book are easy-to-follow suggestions for launching your very own backward Easter egg hunt that you and your kids can do every year!

“I love books, especially children’s books that offer new ideas to kids and their parents and grandparents. I have never seen a book which so seamlessly combines the fun and excitement of an Easter egg hunt with the real Easter story…I LOVED it.”
—Marilyn McCoy, review on HendricksonRose

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Plus! Save 50% on Kids Curriculum for Easter

More kids come to church on Easter than almost any other time. Are you ready for them? Prepping for Easter doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. The Top 50 series gives you an ENTIRE YEAR’S WORTH of ideas you can use again and again.

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Top 50 Object Lessons: Games & Activities

Enjoy having OVER 90 fully-reproducible object lessons, games, and activities! PLUS use any of the 3 quick-find indexes organized by topic, lesson type, or Bible verse.

Whether you use these activities before your lesson or use them to plan a special Easter event, enjoy having everything you need already planned—from a scripted presentations to practical teaching tips.
Find relatable object lessons in a snap with quick-find indexes organized by:

  • Topic: forgiveness, generosity, trust, etc.
  • Type: lesson uses food, volunteers, everyday objects, etc.
  • Bible story and verse

I love this book it is so well written. My class loved and implemented the object lesson on “being a cheerful giver.” Great investment for all childrens Bible teachers.
—Cynthia Woolard, Online Customer Review

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