Who Wrote the Book of Genesis?

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Q: Who wrote the Book of Genesis?

ANSWER: Although the book of Genesis does not name its author, Jewish and Christian tradition has accepted the author of Genesis (and the other four books of the Pentateuch) to be Moses.

Who Wrote the Pentateuch?

This is a difficult question. Some scholars argue that Moses wrote the whole of the Pentateuch, and they offer good arguments in favor. Other scholars argue that the collection of books underwent a long writing process, which ended centuries after Moses’ life. Still others will grant that Moses wrote a portion of the material. Scholars still debate how much of that material Moses wrote—and how much was written in a long process of editing and rearranging of the material… [Read more]

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One Thought on “Who Wrote the Book of Genesis?

  1. Jefferson Sweet on July 20, 2019 at 6:20 am said:

    While Moses is given credit for the book, as compiler and editor, it is clear from the text that there are multiple authors, from Adam through Noah and Abraham, to Joseph who wrote the logs and accounts (Toledoths) which make up the book we know as Genesis.

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