7 Ways Prayer Changes Things — And Changes You

It’s easy to misplace our focus on God during prayer on our wants and needs. How can we refocus our prayers on God’s will and on our own transformation to become more like Jesus? Let’s spend this week in our 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge and think about how prayer can not just change our circumstances, but change our hearts!

By Joni Eareckson Tada (Read more in Speaking God’s Language)

The more you center in prayer on God’s Word, the more its power and life becomes not only part of those for whom you pray; it also becomes part of you.

  1. Focus on quoting God’s mercies in prayer as David did, and you will become more merciful.
  2. Concentrate on the Cross when you pray, and you’ll become more forgiving.
  3. Hearken to the confessions of Jeremiah and Isaiah in prayer and your conscience will become more sensitive to evil.
  4. Quote Paul’s example in your prayers, and you won’t try to rationalize or explain away your sin.
  5. Plead with God about his wisdom, quoting Proverbs 4, and you will become wiser. Continue to plead, and you’ll also gain knowledge, understanding, discernment, and prudence.
  6. Lace your worship with psalms of praise and you will experience the joy of worship.
  7. Center your requests around his holiness and you will grow in holiness.

Speaking God’s Language Pamphlet

How can we draw closer to God in prayer? How can we “speak God’s language”? The Bible encourages us to bring our worship, praise, thanksgiving, and petitions to God. As Christians grow in the discipline of praying, it becomes clear that there is always more to learn. Author Joni Eareckson Tada shares insights and personal stories that will hone your skill of including scripture in your prayers. As she puts it, “We can draw a lot closer to God in prayer when we learn to speak his language.” In this 14-page pamphlet you will learn:

Glossy, full-color panels, unfold to 38 in. Fits inside most Bibles; 8.5 x 5.5 in., unfolds to 38 inches. Quotes: NIV 1984



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