World Mental Health Day: Our Top 10 Articles

In observance of World Mental Health Day, we wanted to bring you the 10 articles that our readers have found most helpful in their mental and spiritual health! Our journey with God isn’t always and easy one, but the Lord has planted promises in His Word that keep us grounded and hopeful in our salvation in Christ. We hope that each of these articles (and freebies!) will help you start unlocking those promises and the peace in we have in Jesus!

1. 5 Names of God to Know When Struggling with Grief

Loss and grief sends even the healthiest of us into emotional and spiritual spirals. God doesn’t promise an easy road, but he does promise his presence and guidance.

2. What the Bible Says About Depression

Depression is one of the most overlooked mental health conditions today, and untreated can lead to self harm or attempts at suicide. Did you know God cares about those of us struggling with depression too? Find out how depression is addressed in the Bible.

3. 5 Names of God for Overcoming Loneliness

A newly empty nest. A long distance relationship. Loss of a loved one. A break up. There are countless reasons we may feel lonely or empty at any point in the day, but there are also countless promises stored up for us in God’s Word. Promises that we’ll never be left nor forsaken.

4. 11 Signs of Passive Aggressive Behavior (Free Download!)

From neighbors to coworkers or estranged relatives, most of us have experienced the strain of a passive aggressive greeting or attitude on the street. Sometimes it just feels off, but we don’t know why. You’re pretty sure you didn’t do anything wrong to get the cold shoulder or the short replies, but what else could it be? This type of disengagement can affect your mental health, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let us give you 11 ways to detect passive aggressive behavior.

5. 9 Warning Signs of Spiritual Abuse in Church

Mental health isn’t contained to the secular or psychiatric world. Even though it’s meant to be a safe place, the Christian Church is not perfect and is not exempt from abuses that can hurt our mental health. Here are 9 ways to spot spiritual abuse in your churches and communities before it gets dangerous.

6. 14 Keys to Understanding Your Identity in Christ (Free Download!)

How do we practically stay anchored in our faith to support our mental health? Our identity in Christ is a fantastic place to start. After all, you can’t know who you are without knowing whom you belong to!

7. 4 Steps to Breaking the Rejection Cycle (Free Download!)

Recovery from rejection requires exceptional resilience, and God’s Word is the perfect source for resilience! Let June Hunt help you tap into useful Scriptures and applications to gird up your spiritual and mental health!

8. 5 Tips for Defeating Anxiety

Anxiety (along with depression) is one of the most common threats to our mental health today. Whether it’s the constant nagging feeling you’ve left the stove on or that something is always about to go wrong, being on edge 24/7 has kicked you into survival mode– but did you know it’s actually hurting your health long term?

9. 5 Verses on Fighting Depression

Depression can be relentless — affecting your emotional, spiritual and mental health, it also affects your physical and relational health. Don’t just address one of these aspects when you can tackle all five at once using Dr. Gregory Jantz’s practical applications.

10. Six Steps to Reducing Stress


If you feel stressed out, you are not alone. According to a recent report by the American Psychological Association (APA), “75 percent of Americans report experiencing at least one symptom of stress in the past month.” In 2014, the number of adults in the United States, per the US Census Bureau, was around 242 million. If you’re feeling stressed, this means you’ve joined almost 182 million Americans this month who feel the same way.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 mental health articles in light of World Mental Health Day! We encourage you to share these articles with your friends and leaders that might be blessed by them. Also, why don’t you call, email, or text a friend today and let them know they’re loved and cherished by you– You never know how powerful a gesture like this can be!




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